All lag free and nowhere to go

So I saw Achariya‘s Hair Fair challenge to look cool sans attachments. I figured this was no time to play princess… so here’s the “cool” look I put together. Ok, maybe creepy might be a better term, whatever, I think it’s cool. :P Below that picture is my significantly less cool but far less taxing avatar. Sadly, I’m all lag free and I STILL can’t get into the hair fair. Boo.

Lag Free!

Lag Free


Just a little peek at why I’ll be a bit scarce around SL for a while.. :D (At least until I can manage to fight the lag and hit the Hair Fair!)

Blood Elf Death Knight

That’s right… Blood Elf Death Knight! Wewt!


I always wait until the last minute to enter contests… I don’t really know why. Here are my entries for the Quintessence Contest on Koinup which ends tonight. I think “Reflection” is one of the quintessential things about Second Life to me… no matter how I dress my avatar up, she’s always a reflection of me. No post processing on these photos save the border and sig.

I was listening to “Are you Swimming in Her Pools?” by Swan Lake.  But it really doesn’t have anything to do with the pictures. :P

Reflections 2

Reflections 1

Hair by Truth
Eyes by Happa
Skin by me
Ears by Illusions
Jewelry by Tekeli-li
Dress by Last Call
Wings by Seven’s Selections
Pose by Long Awkward Pose
Star Poofer by Tomo’s Party Particle Shop
Shot taken at Lash’s La Reve

Virginia’s Side

I bought a skybox today. I picked up the most adorable skybox by Amerie’s Naughty at the iTuTu skybox event and I love it. Up until now I’d been using a prefab that I stuck up in the air but I had started to grow a bit tired of it so this was just the change I needed. The only change I made was adding my own backdrop to it. I even got to finally use my tire swing from Catnip!! After I moved my shop skyward that was the end of my cute tree and my swing, but yay for getting to use it again.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the skins I’ll be sending my update group on Friday. I’m going to *try* doing the whole group gift through my subscriber kiosk again. I really, really am nervous about it considering the unholy backlash from last time… but my group hit over 800 members (!!!!) and I really want to send something to them that is special and exclusive and not just something up in the store for everyone. *Fingers crossed* that no one gets upset if they miss out because I’ve resolved myself to only giving it to my group members.. no exceptions this time. We’ll see how long that resolve holds out if I get yelled at again. I’d hand deliver every one but even that won’t solve the problem of people feeling they are owed the gift even if they weren’t in the group just because they heard about it after the fact. >.< No good deed goes unpunished the saying goes and I’m still bummed that I have this feeling of dread over the whole thing.

On another note, I finally caved and got a Pro Flickr account. They finally strong armed me into it. >.< I just hope I can justify it with mass amount of pictures. :D

Virginia 1

Virginia 2

Hair by Maitreya (freebie)
Eyelashes by Cake
Eyes by Glanz
Tops by Dutch Touch
Jeans by Gear Shift
Belt by Maitreya (group gift)
Shoes by Akeyo
Skin by me
Skybox by Amerie’s Naughty

Hal*Hina Freebie

Ok, so self-imposed exiles rarely seem to work for me… especially when there are awesome freebies to be had! I popped back into SL to grab this adorable little set which was a generous group gift from Hal*Hina. I thought I’d go hang out at Tempura Island to take a few screenies because It’s so peaceful and lovely… at least it was until some dood decided to land in front of me and leer. >.< Gah. I bolted immediately so I only managed these two shots. But if you haven’t been to Tempura Island, it’s really a must visit, it’s stunning. I’ll also take a moment to plug the super awesome site Beanie Loves Japan which is where I found out about this freebie! Ok, back to my regularly scheduled exile. :P

7-7 Blog 1

7-7 Blog 2

Dress – [Tunic Dress – Doll by Hal*Hina] (Group Gift)
Hair – [Momo by Aoharu]
Necklace – [*~*Lataine Necklace by Illusions]
Boots – [Asuka Boots by Lassitude & Ennui]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Skin – [Pink Fantasy Skin by {Frick}]
Lashes – [Flutter Lashes by Cake]
Ears – [Mystic Ear: Elfin/Drow by Illusions]
Lip Ring – [Star Lip Ring by Curious Kitties]
Pose in first shot – [Fame 1 by Imperial Elegance]
Shots taken at Tempura Island


I tried to resist the temptation to buy a gift card at Truth’s 50% off sale… tried and failed. :P It really is too good a deal to pass up and I like that I can come back when I have more time to shop! Yay! I went back about an hour ago and it’s still going on so go check it out! I went with a comfy combo of some freebies and stuff today to go with the cutesy Sally hair from Truth. The hoodie, necklace & earrings, and sweater were all free. The sweater was a freebie from Random’s Subscribe-O-Matic so I’m not sure if it’s still there or not, but certainly doesn’t hurt to look because oh my goodness, they had a TON of goodies available for free including tons of hair, skins and awesome clothes! I need to remind myself to get a shot of the cute tunic I bought the other day from there because I love it. I’m devolving into rambles now.. I think I’m coming down with the flu so I’ll blame it on that. Onto the pictures!

6-7 Blog 3

6-7 Blog 2

6-7 Blog 1

Hair – [Sally by Truth]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Skin – [Goth Jane by {Frick}]
Piercing – [Mouth rings & spikes by Deviant Kitties]
Necklace & Earrings – [Onigiri Necklace & Earrings by Onigiri]
Hoodie – [None of the Above Hoodie by Pushbutton Industries]
Sweater – [Pointelle Ombre Sweater by Random]
Gloves & Bracelets – [Black Beads & Gloves by Kalico Kreations]
Belt – [Hana belt by =*UnTone*=]
Pants – [Mocca Wide Pants by MNK]
Shoes – [Chucks by Akeyo]
Pose – [Takin’ it Easy by Long Awkward Pose] & [Britney2 by Vain]


**Edit** I always find it amusing how I’ll write some terrible emo post and then after thinking about it for a little bit I realize how crazy I sound so I have to go back and edit. :P That said, I’m still mildly annoyed by the reaction of a very few select people who waxed on about how I sucked, how my skins suck, how my subscriber sucks, how my store sucks… etc. Besides hurting my feelings at the time, I wonder what they hoped to accomplish by such a a verbal attack. Ah well, the overwhelming majority of reactions were positive so the good far and away outweighed the bad. So all that said, be nice! Niceness will get you so much more than nastiness. :)


I’m so annoyed that I’m posting this twice. >.< Well I can’t stay logged into SL for more than a few seconds without crashing so I think I give up for today.  At first it would just crash everytime I tried to edit my appearance.  Then it started crashing just for pretty much standing around doing nothing.  Rawr.  I am a sad panda… guess I’ll have to go pwn some noobs in World of Warcraft. :P

Kyoot Army

Ok, I jumped on the Kyoot Army sale bandwagon… so if you read the feeds, you probably don’t care about seeing this again lol. But I have to say, the outfits are gorgeous, beautifully textured, and how can you go wrong for L$ 100? In addition to The Last Mobstress, I also picked up Mourning Minnu Gown & Straight Jacket Surrealist. At any rate, hop on down, take a look and snatch up some beautiful goodies while they are priced unbelievably low.

4-22 Blog 1

Outfit – [The Last Mobstress – Kyoot Army]
Shoes – [Succubus Pumps by ::69::]
Hair – [Secret by TheAbyss]
Eyelashes – [Prim Lashes by Deviant Kitties]
Skin – [Glammy from {Frick}] (sending this out to my Update Group)
Eyes – [Iridescent Eyes from Revenait au Rivage set from PixelDolls]
Cigarette – [Long Stemmed Cigarette Holder from Little Bit of Midnight Dress set from Icing]
Pose – [Various Poses by [Long Awkward Pose]

Windlight Settings

My trials with Windlight have been well documented here. I love it and I hate it. But after seeing this post by Caliah Lyon and downloading her Windlight setting I’m happier. The absolute best part is I really don’t need to wear a face lamp at all for most of my skins and that makes me super happy. I can also change up the color of the sky without really screwing up the lighting and that’s pretty neat too.

I had pandas on the brain today… I don’t know how they got there.

4-20 Blog 1