Just a little peek at why I’ll be a bit scarce around SL for a while.. :D (At least until I can manage to fight the lag and hit the Hair Fair!)

Blood Elf Death Knight

That’s right… Blood Elf Death Knight! Wewt!

5 responses to “WoW

  1. WoW is really a blast! I have to say the graphics on the new expansion pack are looking pretty sweet, that picture isn’t post processed save the border. If you ever decide to play, let me know so I can come say hi! :)

  2. Ditto for me Cen! I’m on a hiatus right now until the expansion but I have a lvl70 priest on Moon Guard with more gold than she knows what to do with and would LOVE to help new people get into the game!

    And Fricka I am totally jealous. I was planning to roll a DK anyway, but now I can’t wait!

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