Who Am I in Other Worlds?

It’s no surprise to anyone who has perused my blog that I love video games. I spend an obscene amount of time playing video games, more than is probably considered “normal” but I make no apologies for my habit because it’s my extracurricular entertainment of choice. So when I saw Gidge’s post on Its Only Fashion asking the question “Who Are You in Other Worlds?” I figured I’d share some of my army of video game characters. I’m going to limit this post to games I’m currently playing just to keep the length down.

My main MMO is World of Warcraft.  WoW was my first MMO way, way back in 2006, and is the game that really got me back into PC gaming after being a console junkie for many years. I play with friends and family and WoW has really been an amazing way to keep in touch with people I’ve long since moved away from. My main at the moment is my human warlock but, as you can see, I have a ton of characters. These aren’t even all of them, just my current level 90s.
My WoW toons

I’ve been subbed to Rift since it came out but sadly don’t play it nearly as often as I’d like.  But whenever I do, I love it to pieces.   I find it to be a better overall game than WoW as they do so many things right. Unfortunately not a lot of people I know play the game making it a smidge lonely at times. Still, I sing it’s praises whenever I can. And, best of all, it’s F2P now.  My main here is a mathosian rogue.
My Rift toons

Ah, SWTOR. I played the ever loving crap out of this game. I’ll admit up front that I’m not a rabid Star Wars fan, but, I am a HUGE fan of anything and everything Bioware so I had to give it a spin. I leveled up character after character just to play through the various class storylines.  Honestly I’d like the game better if it was a single player or coop game rather than an MMO but the stories are good enough to slog through the MMO part.
My SWTOR toons

Defiance is a newer game that I’m feeling out. The game has a different enough play style, look and story to keep it interesting and it’s fun playing a game that isn’t your typical fantasy based setting. I liked the show too.

Finally, I’m playing Mass Effect 3 again. I can never really stay away for very long, Mass Effect is my favorite game of all time… and awesome mods like this amazing hair and head morph by Elemods make everything feel fresh and new again.

So there are the various incarnations of Fricka floating around at the moment. Go ahead, say it, I have too much time on my hands. :P


I’m a WoW geek, yes, we all know that.  So if there’s a way for me to bring a little Draenei, Night Elf or various WoW goodness into SL I’m usually all over it.  The other day while half-heartedly skimming the fashion feed I saw a post from October Rust showing his new Lunawell.. it was love at first sight.  I TP’d immediately and snatched it up without giving much thought to the fact that it hardly went with the Tuscansomething theme I had going on where I live.  Nor did I bother to think if I had the room to put the beast.  Not to be deterred, I bull-dozed my villa and set about creating my own little Night Elf paradise.  It’s a work in process and I don’t have an actual abode to live in but darnit, that moonwell was so totally worth it!  I hope, hope, hope that Azazeal Whitfield makes matching pieces to go with this gorgeous well… like the beautiful little elven gazebo I spied near the display for the well.  Pretty Pleeeeaassee! ^^;

Moonwell 1

Moonwell 2

Lunawell and Trees by October Rust
Flowers by Fluffy Green Meadows
Pixie Lights by Rez

WoW Screenshots

Today was WoW’s 4th birthday and Blizzard sent everyone who logged in today a Baby Blizzard Bear pet and it’s adorable. I had to take a little screenshot of it next to my blood elf hunter’s bear pet.

Baby Blizzard Bear!!

And just cause this is a WoW post, I’ll throw in some other screenshots.. the first one is of the Howling Fjord and the others are of the instance, The Nexus.  The Nexus rocks, it’s super short and very easy.

Howling Fjord

The Nexus 1

The Nexus 2

The Nexus 3

Ode to a dead Paladin

I’m mourning the loss of my Retribution Paladin to the the mighty Blizzard nerf bat. /cry I haven’t really loved the Paladin class much at all in the past but I resolved to get her to 70 and it was an uphill battle the whole way. I was Ret for a good bit of the time I was leveling before speccing Protection which made me a decent tank in a pinch. I actually like Pally tanks quite a bit as a healer because I can bubble them. But because my other toons received far more love from me my Pally has never had the best gear so I typically would tank with my Druid. Anyways, long story short, I was just pwning face with my Paladin after I specced Ret again and it was so fun to actually do some serious DPS, even if I was only in a smattering of blues mixed with a few welfare epics. So I am in a deep melancholy over these nerfs. I knew they were coming, but omfg, the nerf to Divine Storm, give me a break!! This is going to make leveling to 80 an absolute pain. I am a sad panda today.

So as a farewell to my dead Paladin.. I made my version of a Paladin in SL. Just in an effort to keep this QQ post somewhat SL related.. and it gave me an excuse to wear this badass outfit from BareRose and awesome horns from Illusions. Yeah, I know, I don’t look like any Paladin in WoW but this is what I wish my Paladin looked like. :P I hope the outfit from BareRose comes out in more colors, it just might be my favorite outfit from there. Oh, I also want to mention the sword, it’s from Tekeli-li which, imho, makes the absolute best weaponry in SL. They are unscripted but I’m not doing epic battle so that’s fine by me. And the prices are absolutely insanely low, especially for the incredible detail, color change options and beauty that you receive. I should also mention that their customer service is top notch. I recently purchased a halbard from OnRez and Tekelili sent me a message letting me know the items were for sale in the shop and promptly refunded me the difference! That is just too cool and so above and beyond the call of duty. :D

Pally 1

Paladin 2

Paladin 3

Hair – [Ember by Deviant Kitties]
Horns – [Cernwn Horns by Illusions]
Full Outfit – [Golden Thorn by BareRose]
Sword – [Bloodlight Twohander by Tekeli-li]
Hooves – [Female Faun AV by Titania’s Court]
Poses – [Katana Poses by Imperial Elegance]

Arcanite Ripper

There’s a new boss in Kara for the Scourge Invasion, Prince Tenris Mirkblood and he drops a pretty sick 2H axe called the Arcanite Ripper as well as a bat pet for the entire raid! My pally was lucky enough to win the axe and I had to make a little video of the cool little extra “use”. :D Too bad they plan to nerf the crap out of paladins soon. Just when I started enjoying playing her again. At least she can still be entertainment after she’s rendered useless. >.<

WoTLK: Lady Sylvanas

I know, I should be laying down.. but this was too exciting not to post… Lady Sylvanas (FYI, that link has a few spoilers regarding a new event in the game) has received her long awaited model change from Night Elf to High Elf!!! I’ve always been one of those that was disappointed to see the Banshee Queen jiggling about as a Night Elf so I was pretty psyched when I heard she had changed in the Beta so I had to go grab a few shots.. she’s one of my favorite lore characters. I also checked to see if she’d still perform the “Lament of the Highborne” in the new model and she does! I’m so glad they left that in there, that’s one of my favorite game moments. Anyways, back to the couch for me!

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Banshee Queen

Lady Sylvannas - Lament

WoTLK Screenies Part 1

I don’t have quite as much time to devote to the Beta as I was hoping, but I will risk pixel life and limb to go take cool screenshots at the very least since my input on content will be woefully lacking. And anyways you can get content news at places like mmo-champion.com. Screenshots are what I do. I am planning on doing a little Frappage of the Battle for Light’s Hope Chapel if I can ever manage to log on again while it’s going on.  WoW crashed shortly after that last screenshot.  But onto more Death Knight stuffs!

Overlooking Havenshire

Death Knight - Bone Shield

Death Knights

An end to all things

More WoW

Here are a few more screenshots from the Beta. And I have one thing to say… roll a Death Knight. Srsly, roll a Death Knight. If nothing else, roll one just to do the start quests, they are so amazing. I’m not much into the RP thing but those quests really suck you into the world, it’s unbelievable. View the pics larger, especially the second one.


Raining Blood - Plaguelands