WoTLK: Lady Sylvanas

I know, I should be laying down.. but this was too exciting not to post… Lady Sylvanas (FYI, that link has a few spoilers regarding a new event in the game) has received her long awaited model change from Night Elf to High Elf!!! I’ve always been one of those that was disappointed to see the Banshee Queen jiggling about as a Night Elf so I was pretty psyched when I heard she had changed in the Beta so I had to go grab a few shots.. she’s one of my favorite lore characters. I also checked to see if she’d still perform the “Lament of the Highborne” in the new model and she does! I’m so glad they left that in there, that’s one of my favorite game moments. Anyways, back to the couch for me!

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Banshee Queen

Lady Sylvannas - Lament

WoTLK Screenies Part 1

I don’t have quite as much time to devote to the Beta as I was hoping, but I will risk pixel life and limb to go take cool screenshots at the very least since my input on content will be woefully lacking. And anyways you can get content news at places like mmo-champion.com. Screenshots are what I do. I am planning on doing a little Frappage of the Battle for Light’s Hope Chapel if I can ever manage to log on again while it’s going on.  WoW crashed shortly after that last screenshot.  But onto more Death Knight stuffs!

Overlooking Havenshire

Death Knight - Bone Shield

Death Knights

An end to all things