So I got a new computer!  Yay!  Unfortunately I’m having some weird problems with it.. mostly graphics and stability related.  I get some weird crashes when I’m playing games and it’s pretty annoying.  We’re gonna do a last ditch effort to tweak a few settings and see if we can’t get it together.. otherwise it’s going back to the company for a replacement.  But anyhoo, I’m going to tentatively start the 365 project back up!

I haven’t played much of anything the past few weeks but here’s my Night Elf hunter with her Argent Warhorse over in Stranglethorn Vale.  Apparently I logged out there.  I think I was helping someone kill King Bangalash.  I’m pretty amazed at how different the game looks on this computer than on my old patchwork horror.  It’s pretty darn stunning.



Today was my birthday so I spent it getting bummed about my age, slacking off in response to my age and playing WoW to defy my age. I resurrected the Draenei Shaman I abandoned not too long after Burning Crusade came out and spent the day getting her exalted with Darnassus so I could buy a saber mount (I hate elekks) and trying to catch her up to my dad’s warrior. I’m not psyched playing a shammy yet, but I’m going to give her some time and hope I L2Totem soon. :D


My WoW accounts were hacked

*Update! – After some doing, both of my accounts have been restored!  Woot!… Also, moral of the story, buy an authenticator. :)

Both of my World of Warcraft accounts were hacked last night. Everything I had is gone.  I’ve been playing for four years and had 6 level 80s.  Four years gone in the blink of an eye.  They stole it all.  And what they couldn’t sell they deleted.  It’s like I’ve lost a part of myself.  Most people won’t understand.. to them it’s just a game and I should just get over it, it’s just pixels after all… but while this may be pixel theft, it’s still theft and I’ve really lost something that I put time and effort into.  I lost gear that isn’t even attainable any longer….  I lost all of my gold… all my vanity items..  Everything.  I’ve been crying for hours… I’m truly heartbroken.  I won’t know until Monday if there is anything that Blizzard can do to fix this.. but  if they can’t fix it, I don’t think I can bring myself to play again.


The sounds of WoW

If you play WoW, you’ve probably made your way over to the new Argent Tournament area.  It’s all good fun and the mounted jousting is pretty rad, but what really caught my fancy was the fantastic music in the area.  I’m an absolute nerd for good music.  From the epic jousting event tune to the lilting melodies that fill the air as you wander the grounds, it’s really excellent.  I am particularly fond of the music for the jousting matches, they really put me into the spirit.  I’m not an RP’er by any stretch of the imagination and I have to admit, I chuckle at my husband whenever he gets all into his RP mode but the music in WoW and especially the music found in WoTLK really lend to the whole experience of playing the game.  I get more of a sense of the lore and what my character is truly trying to accomplish in the frozen north.  So next time you go in game, turn up your volume and go for a tour of the world and really listen to what the game has to offer you.  Also, if you’d like to hear the tournament music at any time during game, just use these scripts to hear them.  :D

/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_JoustEvent.mp3”)
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_HeraldEvent.mp3”)
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_Tourney01NightWalk.mp3”)
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_Tourney02DayWalk.mp3”)
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_Tourney03NightWalkUniWalk.mp3”)
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_Tourney05NightWalk.mp3”)
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_Tourney06DayWalk.mp3”)
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_Tourney07NightWalk.mp3”)
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_Tourney08NightWalk.mp3”)
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_Tourney09DayWalk.mp3”)
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\ArgentTournament\\AT_Tourney10DayWalk.mp3”)

Argent Tournament 1

Argent Tournament 2

Why, hello there!

Zomg, it’s been a month since I last posted here.  I remembered today that I had a blog.  I partly blame my ongoing computer woes for my lack of posts and also that I’ve been alternately either very busy or very lazy.  Also, the last few weeks have seen back to back world events in WoW and nothing gets me going like achievement mania!  The PvP achievement during Children’s Week nearly put me over the edge though with it’s difficulty and annoyance and I threatened several times to quit WoW and cancel my multiple accounts.  There was much QQ from me in guild chat and Plurk so for that, I apologize.  And yes, I really did cry, lame I know, but I was really frustrated and annoyed.  In the end, it ended up being far less difficult than I had thought (thanks to help from my uber PvPer friends and my hubby) and between myself, my sister and my husband we managed to complete it on my three 80’s, my sister’s 80, my dad’s two 80’s and my husband’s 80.  Violet Proto-drake, here we come!  Luckily there’s a break in world events until the end of June so I can catch my breath for a while!

Noble Garden

My paladin and hunter in their festive Noble Garden garb, complete with frisky bunnies procreating in the background.  Sorry for the crappy look to this screenshot, I’ve had to turn my graphics settings way down to keep the game running. :(