My WoW accounts were hacked

*Update! – After some doing, both of my accounts have been restored!  Woot!… Also, moral of the story, buy an authenticator. :)

Both of my World of Warcraft accounts were hacked last night. Everything I had is gone.  I’ve been playing for four years and had 6 level 80s.  Four years gone in the blink of an eye.  They stole it all.  And what they couldn’t sell they deleted.  It’s like I’ve lost a part of myself.  Most people won’t understand.. to them it’s just a game and I should just get over it, it’s just pixels after all… but while this may be pixel theft, it’s still theft and I’ve really lost something that I put time and effort into.  I lost gear that isn’t even attainable any longer….  I lost all of my gold… all my vanity items..  Everything.  I’ve been crying for hours… I’m truly heartbroken.  I won’t know until Monday if there is anything that Blizzard can do to fix this.. but  if they can’t fix it, I don’t think I can bring myself to play again.


10 responses to “My WoW accounts were hacked

  1. Oh Fricka, Im so sorry. I had mine hacked too, and although I was not a high level, it still stung.

    Blizzard told me basically “tough shit”, I deleted everything else and never went back.

    Im so sorry.

  2. Wow, Fircka – I am so sorry to hear that. Don’t despair too much though. I got hacked not long ago too (I actually caught the hackers in the process) and they did the same. Stole everything, sold all of my things, and transferred one of my characters to another realm. I was absolutely despondent which I’m sure is how you are feeling. Please do the following immediately:

    1. Change your password and the email address on your account
    2. File an in-game ticket with the GM’s detailing what happened
    3. Submit a ticket through the support website detailing what happened:
    4. Send an email to immediately detailing what happened
    5. CALL THEM first thing Monday morning and speak to a CSR: 1-800-592-5499

    Those are the steps I took and not only did they get my character back that was transferred, they also recovered everything I had lost – all within 24 hours. Just be clear and concise about when the hacking occured, what was lots, your characters that were affected, etc. The Blizzard GM’s were beyond awesome about getting me taken care of and I’m sure they will help you too. Just make sure you do all of the above.

    And please post an update so we know what happened. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you in the meantime. *hugs*

    • Thanks Meara, I’m really hoping things proceed as smoothly. So far I’ve contacted billing and the wow account admin and chatted with a GM. The GM flagged my accounts as compromised but there wasn’t anything he could do about the account that had an authenticator applied to it so I still can’t log into that one to see the extent of the damage.. all I can see is what is missing via the armory. The part that scares me is that I literally have thousands of items that are missing between all of my characters. I had my own personal guild bank with 4 tabs and EVERYTHING is gone not to mention my actual guild bank is stripped clean… I just wonder how they’ll be able to restore all of that stuff. :( Seems insurmountable in a way. One of the saddest things is not being able to log in and get the Onyxian whelping today. Really just is the icing on the cake. :(

  3. Bah, and forgive the mispellings in my response – was typing too fast and didn’t proofread. >.<

    Hang in there! It'll be ok. *hugs*

  4. The amount of stuff will be irrelevant. I had two accounts, with characters spread across all of them, thousands in gold, tons of gear, and 2 guild banks (the one I lead AND my alt bank.) They got everything back for me. The only difference is that I did not have an authenticator on my account (I do now though) so I don’t know if there is a different process for investigating that since you had an account with one. Just stay on top of them. *keeps fingers crossed*

    • I’ve gotten both accounts restored already! And I got the whelping, woot! I had to jump through quite a few hoops to have the authenticator removed which was an unbelievable pain in the butt. They weren’t as reassuring as I wanted them to be and unfortunately, they really made me feel like I was at fault for the whole thing which sucked, but since everything appears to be back, I’m happy regardless. It’s such a huge relief to restock the guild vault, I felt like such a jerk when it all went poof.

      Did you ever find out how you were hacked? I’ve run a billion virus scans and not a single thing came up. I don’t really run a ton of mods and I hadn’t updated them in ages. Still creeps me out. I’m in the process of delousing the entire computer so I’ll feel safe getting back on until my authenticators show up.

      Thanks again for your help! :D

  5. Right on! That is AWESOME news. And you must have just got a cranky GM. The ones that helped me were beyond sympathetic and reassuring (I had 4 different ones checking up on me throughout the process.)

    As to HOW I got hacked, it was after I had merged my accounts to I think what happened was that hackers ran my email through the account login process, then ran a password program to guess my password. Unfortunately I did not have an authenticator at the time, and I was lucky enough that I was able to get control of my account back before the hackers put one on there. My mistake in it all was using an email address for a login that I have used to register at countless websites, and using a relatively simple password. So now I have a dedicated email for my WoW login, with a more difficult password that I change every few weeks. I figure better safe than sorry.

    Anyway, I am SO glad it worked out for you. I was definitely thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed! :D

  6. Hey there. im glad you got your account back! I got hacked just earlier this morning, i am on recruit a friend and just worked my but off to get to 57, and then got a 58 Death Knight, the next day, i log in to find my 57 Paladin and Death Knight deleted, i have changed my password and contacted a game master, i also found lvl 1 chars created on around 5 – 6 different realms, I am unsure to wether they deleted/sold any of my gear, if so i will be pissed, i had around 500g and 200g on my DK so 700g altogether, and 2 epics on my pally, Krol Blade & Blackskull Shield, :( Hopefully they will be restored. :)

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