Petite Avatar Skin System (PASS) HUD Setup Information!

Petite PASS HUD Setup Information! (adapted from False Imako)

* The Petite Avatar Skin System is ONLY compatible with MODIFIABLE Yabusaka Petites and Caverna Obscura Minikins.
* You must already own a Petite Avatar, skin packs do NOT include the avatar.
* Using the PASS HUD requires you to be able to rez all the parts of your Petite avatar though you can rez and set them up one at a time.
* PASS was created by Tonya Souther

Please click images to see them fullsize

Step 1: Rez Petite parts*: Head, Torso, Hand R, Hand L, Feet

Step 2: Attach the PASS HUD and click. Choose “Give Helper”

Step 3: Find the “{Frick} Skin Helper” script in the scripts section of your inventory.

Step 4: Drag and drop the “{Frick} Skin Helper” script over the Petite parts you have rezzed (DO NOT do this in Edit mode, the scripts MUST go into the root prim, they will automatically do this when you drag and drop)

Step 5: Rename Petite parts with “PASS” on the end, or some other way to denote that they have been scripted to work with the system.

Step 6: Pick up and wear PASS Scripted Petite parts.

Step 7: Wear the PASS Skin Prim you wish to load into your HUD. Give the HUD a moment to load the skin from the delivery item.
Step 8: If the HUD is taking a long time to load, try clicking the HUD and “resetting”. If that still doesn’t work, it may be lag, detaching and reattaching may help.

Step 9: Find the skin you wish to use with your Petite via the pictures on the HUD and click the APPLY button.

Step 10: Enjoy!

*Some Petite avatars include multiple heads/hands/feet so any part you want the PASS HUD to apply skins to, make sure you follow the steps for them as well
*Caverna Obscura Minikins are all one piece so you only need rez the avatar and then follow the instructions from there
* If your skin isn’t showing up the proper skin tone, check to see if you’ve tinted your Petite through the skin tinting HUD provided by Yabusaka. Tinting your Petite back to white will fix the problem.

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