*sweeps the cobwebs away* Yeah, I really dropped off the radar there.  It’s been ages since I really spent any length of time in SL and even longer since I last posted here… I’m not entirely sure what happened really.  I think I stopped posting because I got super into Tumblr and pretty much posted everything I had to say over there… and as for SL, well, I guess I just found myself no longer motivated to do anything so I gradually drifted away.  Isn’t it really sad when that happens?

But, I’ve found myself logging into SL  a bit more lately, mostly to decorate for autumn.  And that required dressing up in a suitably autumn-ish ensemble and wearing these glorious horns from Plastik.

Autumn Mage

Autumn Mage

Horns/Circlet by The Plastik (Aikea Reiko)
Outfit/Wings by Evie’s Closet  (Evangeline Miles)
Hair(tinted) by /Wasabi Pills/ (MissAllSunday Lemon)
Necklace/Bracelets by League (Nena Janus)
Piercing by .:ellabella:. (ellantha Larsson)
Mesh Eyelashes by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle) – were a free gift, not sure if still avail
*Eyes by .{Rue}. (Ruina Kessel) – on the marketplace
Boots(tinted) by Ju (Ju Weissnicht)
Body Tattoos by silent sparrow (hyasynth Tiramisu)
Staff by Tekeli-li (Tekelili Tantalus)
Skin & Makeup by me

(*) denotes items received as promotional review copies or gifts

La Fée Verte

Ruina Kessel of .{Rue}. has created an awe inspiring new line of skins that truly are works of art.  If you’ve ever lamented the lack of fantasy skins in SL, fret no more because Ruina has you more than covered.  She made a billion colors (60 to be exact), of which you are certain to spend hours agonizing over which one to wear.  And she even named a skintone after me that made me squeee with fangirlish delight. <3  In the pic I’m showing off the Damu skintone that looks beyond brilliant with this lovely little ensemble from Evie’s Closet.

La Fée Verte

*Skin, Eyes & Horns by .{Rue}. (Ruina Kessel)
Hair by Magika (Sabina Gully) [tinted]
Jewelry by Illusions (Siyu Suen)
Dress by Evie’s Closet (Evangeline Miles)
Faun Legs by Gauze (Yukio Ida) [tinted]
Pose by Olive Juice (IsabellaGrace Baroque)
Lashes by me

(*) denotes items received as promotional review copies or gifts

52 Weeks of Color – Week 14 & 15

I’m a slacker… not only am I late but I’m combining two weeks into one post.  Luckily the two colors, black and red, are my two favorite colors to mix together.

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Week 14 & 15: Black & Red

Mask by Illusions (Siyu Suen)
Dress by Evie’s Closet (Evangeline Miles)
Boots by Lassitude and Ennui (Jackal Ennui)
Necklace and Pose by Lazy Places (Sakuradawn Lei)
Hair by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
*Horns by Ruina Kessel
Eyes by Ibanez (Annie Ibanez)
Gloves by Sinistyle (Krius Misfit)

(*) denotes items received as promotional review copies or gifts


Why was I not informed of Gauze’s fabulous Digi-Legs earlier?!  Well, I have them now and I am in love!

Gauze Faun Legs

Hoofed Faun Legs by Gauze (Yukio Ida)
Horns by TRAP (Selos Dae) – gift from Wild Released
Hair by Lamb (Lamb Bellic)
Skin by Atomic (Ivy Graves) – old group gift with a makeup tattoo applied
Eyes by Ruina Kessel
Piecing by ellabella (ellantha Larsson)
Jewelry by Lolapop! (Lola79 Hienrichs)
Dress by Evie’s Closet (Evangeline Miles)


I decided to be a Druid today…. mostly inspired by the AWESOME new horns Siyu Suen of Illusions released the other day. I had a hard time deciding which ones to pick up and I’m sure I’ll be back again. I have a thing for horns and I’ve usually paired them up with kind of a darker look but today I decided to go for a more woodland inspired thing. But I am terrible at writing sometimes so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. At the bottom of the post I have a better picture of the horns and all the options they come with! :D

Druid 1

Druid 2

Druid 3

Druid 4

Illusions Baal Horns

Hair – [Kathleen by Refuge]
Skin – [Call it Ritual Goth by {Frick}] (top 4 pics only)
Horns – [Baal Horns by Illusions]
Eyes – [Summer Woods by Miriel]
Eyes – [Film Noir by AET] (bottom pic)
Lashes – [Bedroom Lashes by Cake]
Piercing – [The Line by Deviant Kitties] Modified
Necklace & Bracelets – [Dryad by Tekeli-li]
Dress – [Romany Kiss by Evie’s Closet]
Hooves – [Female Faun AV by Titania’s Court]
Poses by Long Awkward Pose]
Taken at Straylight

Mini Challenge Monday

I’ve been in a serious funk lately… so Alicia’s Mini Blogging Challenge was just the thing to make me bust out the pretties and go take some pictures. :D

Here’s the challenge for Monday:
** Second Life is a huge place, but we all have our favorite place where we seem to visit often just to look it, to hang out, to take friends, or just be alone and think. Where is your place, how did you find it, and what keeps you going back? Go there and take a picture! And no, it cannot be your own home! Ok ok, it can be your home. LOL **

My all time favorite place to go in SL is La Reve. Whenever I want to just bask in fantasy that’s where I head. The colors are gorgeous and it’s just a serene beautiful spot to be in. Even when there are a few people there, I can always find a little solitary spot to spend some time. And it’s one of those places I can go to be a Drow priestess or warrior, a playful sprite, a mischievous Unseelie fae, a Draenei mage or an Elven princess like I was today and each one fits just fine into the landscape. It’s just one of those places that I just love going and taking pictures. I can’t remember where I first heard about La Reve but I want to say it was Natalia Zelmanov’s blog… but wherever I heard it from, I’m glad I did because I adore the sim.

La Reve 1

La Reve 2

Hair by Deviant Kitties
Eyes by Miriel
Piercings by ElectroKitty
Skin by me
Dress by Evie’s Closet
Ears and Jewelry by Illusions

Fallen Fae

I have to apologize in advance, I’m addicted to filters. I don’t think I’ve posted much of anything that hasn’t been filtered within an inch of it’s pixel life… and well, that’s probably going to continue. :P

I kinda went with a Fae edging into darkness thing here but didn’t quite hit it the way I wanted to so I think I’ll rework this same theme sometime in the future. I made a pink skin forever ago but never really found a good opportunity to wear it so I thought this was a good time to toss it on and add a shot of color to my monochromatic color scheme. I still <3 my Elf ears from Illusions.. the best part, I can tint them to match whichever crazy colored skin I might be wearing since Siyu included a “white” color option that is perfect for tinting. I luff Siyu Suen. ^^ Oh and happy winged loveliness is from Seven’s Selections. And of course, all this winged fairyness was the perfect excuse to use the Faery Goodness pose set from LAP.

On an unrelated note, I’m unusually busy IRL so my posts may be sporadic.. though I can’t stay away too long. ;)

On to the pictures… and, as always, I’ve taken far too many pictures and then been unable to whittle them down. ^^

Faery 1

Faery 2

Faery 5

Faery 6

Faery 3

Faery 7

Faery 4

Dress – [Romany Kiss by Evie’s Closet]
Eyes – [Spirit Eyes in Snow by Happa]
Hair – [Petite by Deviant Kitties]
Skin – [Pink Fantasy Skin by {Frick}] (maybe soon?)
Ears – [Mystic Ear: Elfin/Drow by Illusions]
Piercing – [Mouth rings & spikes by Deviant Kitties]
Necklace – [*~*Lataine Necklace by Illusions]
Wings – [Ragged Fairy Wings by Seven’s Selections]
Poses – [Faery Goodness by Long Awkward Pose] & [Stubborn AO by ::ANA_Mations::]
Pics taken at Silent