These boots from Kookie firmly enter the realm of things I would never, ever wear irl, but I’ll totally wear them in SL.  I live in southwest, it’s ALWAYS hot here.  ALWAYS.  People try to lie to themselves and pretend like the “weather is fantastic” but it’s pure delusion outside of the two weeks a year where you can walk outside and not feel like you are baking alive.  I do tend to run warmer than most normal human beings thus making living here all the more painful.  So if I wore these kind of boots irl, I would die.  Seriously, I would.  My feet would spontaneously combust and then melt the rest of me.  It would be messy.  But weather is a non-issue in SL so fur lined boots, hell yeah.  These particular boots are currently 50L as part of 50L Fridays, so get there before midnight!


Horns by SilverWheel
Hair by
Eyes by House of Ruin
Piercing by Ommik
Necklace by Otaku Designs
Cardigan by MichaMi
Dress by RunoRuno
Boots by Kookie (50L Friday!)
Pose by LAP