Mini Challenge Monday

I’ve been in a serious funk lately… so Alicia’s Mini Blogging Challenge was just the thing to make me bust out the pretties and go take some pictures. :D

Here’s the challenge for Monday:
** Second Life is a huge place, but we all have our favorite place where we seem to visit often just to look it, to hang out, to take friends, or just be alone and think. Where is your place, how did you find it, and what keeps you going back? Go there and take a picture! And no, it cannot be your own home! Ok ok, it can be your home. LOL **

My all time favorite place to go in SL is La Reve. Whenever I want to just bask in fantasy that’s where I head. The colors are gorgeous and it’s just a serene beautiful spot to be in. Even when there are a few people there, I can always find a little solitary spot to spend some time. And it’s one of those places I can go to be a Drow priestess or warrior, a playful sprite, a mischievous Unseelie fae, a Draenei mage or an Elven princess like I was today and each one fits just fine into the landscape. It’s just one of those places that I just love going and taking pictures. I can’t remember where I first heard about La Reve but I want to say it was Natalia Zelmanov’s blog… but wherever I heard it from, I’m glad I did because I adore the sim.

La Reve 1

La Reve 2

Hair by Deviant Kitties
Eyes by Miriel
Piercings by ElectroKitty
Skin by me
Dress by Evie’s Closet
Ears and Jewelry by Illusions

One response to “Mini Challenge Monday

  1. Naturally, I am going to try this one, but after I load up my eyes (if I make it today finally) I will go to Kowloon City- I like reading about favorite places.. thanks for doing this challange and sharing it.. it was really a good one! :)

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