Srsly, go away

I realize privacy is a concept that is non-existent in SL and I’ve mostly come to terms with that and I’ve done what I can to try and create a little spot so I can change clothes in peace. Long story short, I had to eject, then ban and then mute some dood today. I’m not an unreasonable person and I’m friendly to a fault but you know, some people aren’t worth the time. So I strapped on my Redemption pistols and hunkered down to protect my homestead.. in my super kyoot outfit I had planned on taking pictures of before the interloper arrived. Bleh. Back to WoW to smash some noobs. Rawr!

Please go away

Hair by Aoharu
Eyes by Salty Candy
Skin by me
Top by ~momo~
Necklace by Curious Kitties
Dress by Fluky
Stockings by me
Shoes by Urban Bomb Unit
Gun by C-Tech

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