My apologies if I just spammed your RSS reader with a ton of dusty old posts. I’ve been fussing around with the blog, fixing categories and tags and moving it to it’s own domain (frickafrick.com) and I didn’t realize all that editing would actually republish old posts. Sorry!!


Artilleri has been giving out adorable group gifts everyday and will continue to put out a new one until the 24th.  Talk about awesome and so incredibly generous!!  I’ve loved them all but I just had to show off this dress that should still be available.  Most people complain about system skirts but this skirt is an example of a system skirt done right.  To get the gifts you need to join the Artilleri group and have the group tag active when you buy the gift for L$ 1.  A huge thanks to Antonia Marat who really is just too sweet to do this for her group members. :D

Artilleri Group Gift

Dress – [Zesty Zebra Dress by Artilleri] (group gift)
Hair by Deviant Kitties
Glasses & Earrings by Artilleri
Fishnets by Dutch Touch
Shoes by Shiny Things

Bare Rose Appreciation – Part 2

One of my favorite things about Bare Rose is that no matter what type of look you are going for, chances are you’ll find an outfit that will work for it and that’s really fun.  While Bare Rose is usually my first stop for fantasy related clothing, like the stuff I showed off in the last post, there’s so much more there.  So today I’m showing off two different looks, one cutesy and one glamorous. :D

Bare Rose - Retro Mojo

Bare Rose - Night Magic

1st outfit:
Outfit – [Retro Mojo by Bare Rose]
Hair by Deviant Kitties
Piercing by Deviant Kitties
Eyes by AET
Ears by Dreamin’g Alice
Tail by Atomic Kitty
Paw boots by Ema’s

2nd outfit
Outfit – [Night Magic by Bare Rose]
Hair by ETD
Eyes by Miriel
Choker by Curious Kitties
Shoes by Shiny Things

WoW Screenshots

Today was WoW’s 4th birthday and Blizzard sent everyone who logged in today a Baby Blizzard Bear pet and it’s adorable. I had to take a little screenshot of it next to my blood elf hunter’s bear pet.

Baby Blizzard Bear!!

And just cause this is a WoW post, I’ll throw in some other screenshots.. the first one is of the Howling Fjord and the others are of the instance, The Nexus.  The Nexus rocks, it’s super short and very easy.

Howling Fjord

The Nexus 1

The Nexus 2

The Nexus 3

More trial and error

I was pretty happy with the way my Szemra mod turned out yesterday so I decided to play around a bit with the templates again today and try my hand at more of an everyday skin. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to recreate the goth skin tone that I’ve used previously but I gave it a shot and while it’s not spot on the shade I used in my Eloh mods I rather like it. It’s a little less stark. Of course I’ve only really played around on the test grid for it, but I might “live” with it on the main grid for a bit to decide if it’s a keeper or not. So anyhoo, here’s some pics of the modded versions I made today.

testers v1

testers v1

Hair by Deviant Kitties
Eyes by AET
Lashes by Cake
Piercings by ElectroKitty
Choker by PERTURB/ation
Swimsuit by Markova
Boots by Lazy Places


After yesterday’s unfortunate little crap fest, I was left with a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth and I’m a little turned off by SL right now. I’d go into the gory details but suffice it to say, I’m constantly surprised by the lack of tact people have when they have a perceived sense of anonymity. I don’t know why I’m still surprised by it, but I am. At any rate, I was pretty upset and even though I’m slightly less so today, I’m still pretty effing pissed. So I decided it was time for a little break from SL just to kinda get away from it all. I have a little rule, when something I do in my free time becomes tedious and is no longer fun, I stop doing it for a while. And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not going to quit SL or anything and really this time off is just kinda to ensure I don’t do anything rash. And anyways, Wrath of the Lich King releases tonight at midnight and I have a four day weekend ahead of me just begging for a WoW-a-thon! Wewt! Though I suspect, all it will take is a sale to get me back into SL. :P