Bare Rose Appreciation – Part 2

One of my favorite things about Bare Rose is that no matter what type of look you are going for, chances are you’ll find an outfit that will work for it and that’s really fun.  While Bare Rose is usually my first stop for fantasy related clothing, like the stuff I showed off in the last post, there’s so much more there.  So today I’m showing off two different looks, one cutesy and one glamorous. :D

Bare Rose - Retro Mojo

Bare Rose - Night Magic

1st outfit:
Outfit – [Retro Mojo by Bare Rose]
Hair by Deviant Kitties
Piercing by Deviant Kitties
Eyes by AET
Ears by Dreamin’g Alice
Tail by Atomic Kitty
Paw boots by Ema’s

2nd outfit
Outfit – [Night Magic by Bare Rose]
Hair by ETD
Eyes by Miriel
Choker by Curious Kitties
Shoes by Shiny Things

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