Artilleri has been giving out adorable group gifts everyday and will continue to put out a new one until the 24th.  Talk about awesome and so incredibly generous!!  I’ve loved them all but I just had to show off this dress that should still be available.  Most people complain about system skirts but this skirt is an example of a system skirt done right.  To get the gifts you need to join the Artilleri group and have the group tag active when you buy the gift for L$ 1.  A huge thanks to Antonia Marat who really is just too sweet to do this for her group members. :D

Artilleri Group Gift

Dress – [Zesty Zebra Dress by Artilleri] (group gift)
Hair by Deviant Kitties
Glasses & Earrings by Artilleri
Fishnets by Dutch Touch
Shoes by Shiny Things

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