More trial and error

I was pretty happy with the way my Szemra mod turned out yesterday so I decided to play around a bit with the templates again today and try my hand at more of an everyday skin. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to recreate the goth skin tone that I’ve used previously but I gave it a shot and while it’s not spot on the shade I used in my Eloh mods I rather like it. It’s a little less stark. Of course I’ve only really played around on the test grid for it, but I might “live” with it on the main grid for a bit to decide if it’s a keeper or not. So anyhoo, here’s some pics of the modded versions I made today.

testers v1

testers v1

Hair by Deviant Kitties
Eyes by AET
Lashes by Cake
Piercings by ElectroKitty
Choker by PERTURB/ation
Swimsuit by Markova
Boots by Lazy Places

3 responses to “More trial and error

  1. these really did turn out beautiful!! I luv those freckles and the make up on the pale skin is soo cool.. it makes me want to experiement with the templates a little more myself.. using freckly layers just a bit more.. I think these are awesome!I love that the detail with your freckling doesn’t disturb the shape.. or the smoothness.. It looks appropriate..and I thought.. because there were no layers I shouldn’t be adding more to it.. apparently I was wrong.. you can add what you like..

    With the Another skin templates.. I added for just one dark eyeliner 22 new layers.. and for the freckling 18 :P Its complicated..too complicated!!!

  2. AET – Thanks! Yeah I’m a layer freak as well, I usually am so worried about screwing something up royally that every little bit goes on a separate layer. You know I didn’t think the Splendor templates would lend themselves to much customization but after a little playing around I’ve really found a few ways to tweak them which is really cool because they are growing on me.

    Brandy – Aww, thanks! :D

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