Halloween Dollarbie Hunt 2014!

Yep, it’s that time of year again! The one time of year you can expect me to actually to put out a release. :P

This year’s hunt has 9 hats to look for. 6 skins with Loud Mouth appliers, 1 set of bottoms with SLink Physique & Cute/Phat Azz appliers, and 2 mesh dresses in all standard sizes with matching top with SLink Physique appliers. Phew! These skins are a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working on the past few months and I’m hoping to have them out before the end of the year. Let me know what you think! :)

Frick Halloween 2014 Dollarbie Hunt

Tainted Love Hunt

I’m thrilled to be participating in the Tainted Love Hunt again this year!  I don’t get asked to do many events so this one is pretty special to me. :D  I’ve got two gifts up for grabs, one for men and one for women!  I’ve been dabbling with a men’s skin so I thought this would be the perfect time to give a sneak peek.  Each version comes with 4 skins (light and dark brows and choice of subtle veining or full on veiny), a set of eyes with system and mesh versions and a slew of appliers.  The male version comes with SLink feet and hand appliers and the female version comes with SLink hand and feet appliers, Lolas Tango applier, Lush applier, Phat/Cute Azz applier and Loud Mouth applier.  Phew, that’s a lot of appliers.

{Frick} Tainted Love Hunt Gift - Female

{Frick} Tainted Love Hunt Gift - Male

You can find both gifts inside hearts keeping my bucket of tentacles company.  The hunt officially starts February 1st but my gifts are out a smidge early!

Fair warning, this is a dark themed hunt so items might be gory and twisted and may not be suited for the faint of heart.  Also it’s a dollarbie hunt so all items are going to be L$ 1.

The hunt starts here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunwich/183/12/22
My shop is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saint%20Helene/12/18/580

Halloween Dollarbie Hunt!

Hi everyone! It’s that time again, Halloween Dollarbie Hunt! There are 10 hats to find, each L$1. Here’s what you are hunting for this year: 5 makeup tattoo layers and 5 eyes. The makeup layers, with the exception of the black color, come with a light and dark versions and each one comes with an optional skelly nose/mouth tattoo. The eyes each come with a system version, a mesh version and 2 different Petite sized versions.
Halloween Hunt 2013

In addition to the hunt you can also find a pack of Halloween themed nail polishes for use with SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet for L$25.
Halloween Nails

As always, thanks for sticking with me all these years! I’m hoping to have out some new stuff in the next couple of months!


La Fée Verte

Ruina Kessel of .{Rue}. has created an awe inspiring new line of skins that truly are works of art.  If you’ve ever lamented the lack of fantasy skins in SL, fret no more because Ruina has you more than covered.  She made a billion colors (60 to be exact), of which you are certain to spend hours agonizing over which one to wear.  And she even named a skintone after me that made me squeee with fangirlish delight. <3  In the pic I’m showing off the Damu skintone that looks beyond brilliant with this lovely little ensemble from Evie’s Closet.

La Fée Verte

*Skin, Eyes & Horns by .{Rue}. (Ruina Kessel)
Hair by Magika (Sabina Gully) [tinted]
Jewelry by Illusions (Siyu Suen)
Dress by Evie’s Closet (Evangeline Miles)
Faun Legs by Gauze (Yukio Ida) [tinted]
Pose by Olive Juice (IsabellaGrace Baroque)
Lashes by me

(*) denotes items received as promotional review copies or gifts