Why, hello there!

Zomg, it’s been a month since I last posted here.  I remembered today that I had a blog.  I partly blame my ongoing computer woes for my lack of posts and also that I’ve been alternately either very busy or very lazy.  Also, the last few weeks have seen back to back world events in WoW and nothing gets me going like achievement mania!  The PvP achievement during Children’s Week nearly put me over the edge though with it’s difficulty and annoyance and I threatened several times to quit WoW and cancel my multiple accounts.  There was much QQ from me in guild chat and Plurk so for that, I apologize.  And yes, I really did cry, lame I know, but I was really frustrated and annoyed.  In the end, it ended up being far less difficult than I had thought (thanks to help from my uber PvPer friends and my hubby) and between myself, my sister and my husband we managed to complete it on my three 80’s, my sister’s 80, my dad’s two 80’s and my husband’s 80.  Violet Proto-drake, here we come!  Luckily there’s a break in world events until the end of June so I can catch my breath for a while!

Noble Garden

My paladin and hunter in their festive Noble Garden garb, complete with frisky bunnies procreating in the background.  Sorry for the crappy look to this screenshot, I’ve had to turn my graphics settings way down to keep the game running. :(

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