12/365 (or I just started playing Dragon Age)

So I finally am getting to play Dragon Age!  My husband bought it for me for Christmas but unfortunately we didn’t really look at the specs and found it wouldn’t run at all on my old machine.  So it sat.  So lonely and abandoned.  It was sad to see that pretty case sitting on my desk.. just begging to be played.  Luckily, it didn’t sit for long, it plays great on my new computer and I’m so glad because it’s such a fun game.  It’s been a while since I played a single player RPG type game and it’s kinda nice to not have to mess with other people for a change lol.  I love the game so far, it really immerses you into the story and the voice acting is great.  If I could complain about one thing it’s that I didn’t feel there were *enough* options in the character creation screen so I ended up with a rather boring looking character.  I had hoped for some more options like piercings or more hair colors.  But I’m a total girl when it comes to such things and I miss them when they aren’t there.  Also, the helms in this game are ugly.  I’d love to see a hide helm option so I didn’t have to keep taking them off between fights because I really, really can’t stand to see it on me.  I went with rogue mostly because I wanted to play through the Human Noble start quests after seeing them briefly at my sister’s house.  I would have preferred mage but you can’t be a noble if you choose mage.  Maybe next time I play through I’ll choose an elven mage to change it up.  Though really it doesn’t matter as you get to control a full party of different classes so I can play several different class types.  If I can figure out why I only get maybe 1 out of every 10 screenshots I take I’ll post more as I progress!

My Human Rogue
12/365 (aka my Dragon Age Rogue)

My Warden with Alistair. I rather like how she’s looking back at him in this shot. So cute!
Dragon Age - Warden and Alistair


So I got a new computer!  Yay!  Unfortunately I’m having some weird problems with it.. mostly graphics and stability related.  I get some weird crashes when I’m playing games and it’s pretty annoying.  We’re gonna do a last ditch effort to tweak a few settings and see if we can’t get it together.. otherwise it’s going back to the company for a replacement.  But anyhoo, I’m going to tentatively start the 365 project back up!

I haven’t played much of anything the past few weeks but here’s my Night Elf hunter with her Argent Warhorse over in Stranglethorn Vale.  Apparently I logged out there.  I think I was helping someone kill King Bangalash.  I’m pretty amazed at how different the game looks on this computer than on my old patchwork horror.  It’s pretty darn stunning.



I’m cheating at 365 by using some older pictures while I figure out what to do next about my computer.

Yabusaka’s Alphabet Changer Armband for CSR Winter is made of awesome!  It can spell out a 3 letter word!  I, of course, chose the “word” PWN!

Alphabet Changer Armband by Yabusaka (CSR Winter Item!)
Hair by fri.day (tinted)
Skin by {Frick}
Piercing by ellabella