So I got a new computer!  Yay!  Unfortunately I’m having some weird problems with it.. mostly graphics and stability related.  I get some weird crashes when I’m playing games and it’s pretty annoying.  We’re gonna do a last ditch effort to tweak a few settings and see if we can’t get it together.. otherwise it’s going back to the company for a replacement.  But anyhoo, I’m going to tentatively start the 365 project back up!

I haven’t played much of anything the past few weeks but here’s my Night Elf hunter with her Argent Warhorse over in Stranglethorn Vale.  Apparently I logged out there.  I think I was helping someone kill King Bangalash.  I’m pretty amazed at how different the game looks on this computer than on my old patchwork horror.  It’s pretty darn stunning.


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