I’m a WoW geek, yes, we all know that.  So if there’s a way for me to bring a little Draenei, Night Elf or various WoW goodness into SL I’m usually all over it.  The other day while half-heartedly skimming the fashion feed I saw a post from October Rust showing his new Lunawell.. it was love at first sight.  I TP’d immediately and snatched it up without giving much thought to the fact that it hardly went with the Tuscansomething theme I had going on where I live.  Nor did I bother to think if I had the room to put the beast.  Not to be deterred, I bull-dozed my villa and set about creating my own little Night Elf paradise.  It’s a work in process and I don’t have an actual abode to live in but darnit, that moonwell was so totally worth it!  I hope, hope, hope that Azazeal Whitfield makes matching pieces to go with this gorgeous well… like the beautiful little elven gazebo I spied near the display for the well.  Pretty Pleeeeaassee! ^^;

Moonwell 1

Moonwell 2

Lunawell and Trees by October Rust
Flowers by Fluffy Green Meadows
Pixie Lights by Rez