WoTLK Screenies Part 1

I don’t have quite as much time to devote to the Beta as I was hoping, but I will risk pixel life and limb to go take cool screenshots at the very least since my input on content will be woefully lacking. And anyways you can get content news at places like mmo-champion.com. Screenshots are what I do. I am planning on doing a little Frappage of the Battle for Light’s Hope Chapel if I can ever manage to log on again while it’s going on.  WoW crashed shortly after that last screenshot.  But onto more Death Knight stuffs!

Overlooking Havenshire

Death Knight - Bone Shield

Death Knights

An end to all things

More WoW

Here are a few more screenshots from the Beta. And I have one thing to say… roll a Death Knight. Srsly, roll a Death Knight. If nothing else, roll one just to do the start quests, they are so amazing. I’m not much into the RP thing but those quests really suck you into the world, it’s unbelievable. View the pics larger, especially the second one.


Raining Blood - Plaguelands


6-22 and nothing new

I’m sick… again, blech. :( Between that and SL still weirding out on me, I’ve been playing a lot more WoW since there’s an event going on right now which is always good fun. I never got around to reinstalling like I had wanted to.. I’m a lazy bum. So hopefully sometime this week I can get everything sorted out and get back into SL. So yeah, since there are no new SL pictures, I’m going to post some screenshots from WoW instead. :D

Bloodwatch - Bloodmyst Isle

Thousand Needles

Ruuan Weald - Blade's Edge Mountains

Silvermyst Isle


I had been wanting to do a picture spread that was pure fantasy and inspired by my love of World of Warcraft and I finally did it. This is my Second Life version of a Draenei. This post is going to be picture intensive and they’ll be the wee sized ones so if you want to see the full sized ones, click on them and they’ll go straight to my flickr page where you can see them larger. The latest Sunwell Patch just went live so I’ll probably be spending most of my time playing WoW but I can’t stay away from SL for very long.. especially with the goodness that is Windlight.

Blue Fantasy 3

Blue Fantasy 7

Blue Fantasy 5

Blue Fantasy 6

Blue Fantasy 4

Blue Fantasy 2

Blue Fantasy 1

Hair – [Goddess by ETD]
Eyes & Skin – [Blue Fantasy Skin by {Frick}]
Eyelashes – [Prim Lashes by Deviant Kitties]
Full Outfit – [Lady Tuberose by BareRose]
Horns – [Glare Horns by Illusions]
Faun Legs – [Female Faun AV by Titania’s Court]
Staff – [Rustic Winged Battle Skythe by OMFG]
Various Poses by [::ANA_Mations::] & [Cova AO]
Star Poofer by [Tomo’s Party Particle Shop]
Shots taken at Lash’s La Reve
Windlight settings are by Torley Linden (Gimler Gronchi for Sky & Waterslide for Water)