6-22 and nothing new

I’m sick… again, blech. :( Between that and SL still weirding out on me, I’ve been playing a lot more WoW since there’s an event going on right now which is always good fun. I never got around to reinstalling like I had wanted to.. I’m a lazy bum. So hopefully sometime this week I can get everything sorted out and get back into SL. So yeah, since there are no new SL pictures, I’m going to post some screenshots from WoW instead. :D

Bloodwatch - Bloodmyst Isle

Thousand Needles

Ruuan Weald - Blade's Edge Mountains

Silvermyst Isle

4 responses to “6-22 and nothing new

  1. I never get those people who say WoW is not a pretty game. It’s got the most beautiful environments. So glad I started playing again too. :)

  2. CeN – Aww, ty! :D

    Meara – WoW will always be my first gaming love.. I’ve been playing about 2 years with a whole slew of my RL family and friends so it’s always good times. And I adore the graphics in the game.. they may be cartoonish to some, but I think they look beautiful. ^^

    AlterEgoTrip – Being sick is the pits… but I do plan a mini shopping spree.. this time, hair! :D

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