Rant and then a meme

So SL is still giving me fits. I’m just not loading at all, I can’t change clothes. I’m pretty annoyed. I think tomorrow I’ll go scorched earth and reinstall the whole kit and caboodle. I’ve also been having issues in WoW so there might be some low lying computer issue to blame. So yeah, no pictures again today. So instead I’m going to snag this meme from CeN’s Blog to bide my time until I can get this computer fixed.

“The original meme I read said to go to the address bar at the top of your internet browser, type a letter of the alphabet, and write down what website comes up. That didn’t work so well for me. Instead I tried it with Google. I typed a letter and the following is a list of the first word that came up in my auto-populate.”

A – Ad Astra Per Alia Porci
B – Bang your drum
C – cartographer_mining.lua
D – double cutaway hollowbody
E – Exotic Spice Cookies
F – Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb
G – garfield minus garfield (hilarious)
H – handsome furs
I – i’ll believe in anything
J – japanese empress
K – karazhan
L – lady vashj
M – magistrix
N – neologies
O – of the shattered sun
P – paladin tank spec
Q – queen mary incident
R – raised water dish
S – Spencer Krug
T – TS7 Tubescreamer
U – unseelie
V – vegan bakery
W – wolf parade
X – xavian
Y – yahama keyboard spencer krug
Z – zoomer

Fun!! :D  I usually use double quotes around most of my search phrases so somehow these managed to escape that lol.  Sure shows what my major interests are! ^^;

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