I aim to misbehave

I was lusting after the Thursday hair from Gritty Kitty and I decided to treat myself since I’ve been sick. :P I’m finally feeling better though! :D I’m sure you’ve seen this hair everywhere and that’s because it is absolutely awesome. One of the big problems with wearing hats in SL is prim hair has to be modded within an inch of it’s prim life to fit under a hat and that’s a lot of work. Here, the work is done for you! Yay! And omg, the options.. everything from the hat band to the individual feathers is scripted to change colors. As soon as that hair hit my head I felt like I was a character in the television series, Firefly. If you haven’t heard of it, it was a short lived Joss Whedon series on Fox and it’s a must see.. especially if you are at all into sci-fi or westerns because it’s meshes the two genres into one very entertaining bundle. So I kinda threw on a mix of my typical steampunk look and some wild frontier together, blared some Abney Park (beware, music on that page usually starts playing immediately) and went over to Plunder to take some pictures. And per usual, I had a hard time parring things down, so there’s a ton of pictures. :D I just adore this look.. I’ll probably be wearing it for a while just because I feel like a bad ass airship pirate in it. XD  Oh and in other good news, I found OMFG’s stuff on SL Exchange! Wewt!!

Firefly 7

Firefly 1

Firefly 5

Firefly 6

Firefly 4

Firefly 3

Firefly 2

Hair – [Thursday by Gritty Kitty]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty] (modified)
Gloves – [Over the Rainbow by BareRose]
Top – [Over the Rainbow by BareRose]
Belt – [~ FF ~ Triple Hoop Belt by First Flower]
Necklace – [Balanced Gear Pendant by OMFG]
Monocle – [Alchemist Clock Eye Piece by OMFG]
Arm Bands – [From the Assassin’s Belted Sleeve Set by OMFG]
Sword – [Alchemist Clock Blade by OMFG]
Shoes – [Old Boots by Shiny Things]
Skin & Skirt by me
Pics taken at Plunder

(I’ll credit poses a little bit later.. I can’t remember which ones I used)

3 responses to “I aim to misbehave

  1. I haven’t seen much of Firefly, but I have seen the film Serenity.. thats got allot of reality thrown in for good measure concering a few issues about law and order and mental health… I really liked the message.. ah but the fun of the images you posted.. they are really out in the frontiers..but if you think about it really, all of our sci fi films are really old westerns.. after all they too were exploring the unlimited..pioneering. My mother told me, years ago when I thought starwars was so cool.. that it was a typical search for the holy grail story… knights and such..only set in space.. and at the time I was all.. “no it has robots and stuff!!” I now see the logic of what she said at the time, just wish she could recall all the clever things she said when I was little!!!

    Yeah.. super cool!!! As usual, sorry for the saying the first thing that comes off the top of my head and I am glad you are feeling better. :)

  2. CeN – Ty! I tread that line for almost every blog I read. :P

    AlterEgoTrip – Serenity definitely went a different direction than the tv show had gone I thought. I think they wanted to appeal to a wider audience so they made it flashier and more sci-fi. It was still awesome, but it wasn’t as fun as the tv show had been, or as western. I totally agree on a lot of sci-fi being westerns at their heart. I think the original Star Trek was a pretty good example of a western wrapped in a shiny futuristic package.

    I like to mesh a lot of genres.. much to the chagrin of strict roleplayers. I kinda like a more Western Frontier Steampunk than a straight up Victorian Jules Verne version. I can hear the collective gasp now. :P

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