I always wait until the last minute to enter contests… I don’t really know why. Here are my entries for the Quintessence Contest on Koinup which ends tonight. I think “Reflection” is one of the quintessential things about Second Life to me… no matter how I dress my avatar up, she’s always a reflection of me. No post processing on these photos save the border and sig.

I was listening to “Are you Swimming in Her Pools?” by Swan Lake.  But it really doesn’t have anything to do with the pictures. :P

Reflections 2

Reflections 1

Hair by Truth
Eyes by Happa
Skin by me
Ears by Illusions
Jewelry by Tekeli-li
Dress by Last Call
Wings by Seven’s Selections
Pose by Long Awkward Pose
Star Poofer by Tomo’s Party Particle Shop
Shot taken at Lash’s La Reve

3 responses to “Reflections

  1. I’m left wondering what that would look like in motion.. I was over at a place which had some nice effects, and honestly, stills just don’t create that same atmosphere… This kind of thing would be a brilliant subject for machinma, definately.

    I had a happy accident in the capture today, I found I had created an image which resembled a very special atmospheric event I had a photograph of.. I put them on my blogg with each other, but I should have posted them both side by side for maximum impact.. its kind of neat when I see how easily I repeat my visuals, yet at the same time.. one IS RL and the other is SL and its getting kind of blurry which one is which.. first real feeling that it could happen.

    hope you are having fun :)

  2. Oh my goodness, totally! It’s been so long since I was able to Frap that I completely forgot I could!! I will definitely be going back.. the water movement is amazing.. hopefully my computer will be able to capture it. :D

  3. I hope so too… because its so strong as a still, but with my new experiences in hand I KNOW there is something to it I’m missing.. especially because that image was not edited..WOW! Speaking of WoW.. hope you cure your lag problems in SL.

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