LoTD 8-19

Yeah another LoTD post… what can I say, I don’t always have something to share besides a few slurls. :P

Some quick fashion notes… Truth is still having a sale but probably not for much longer and it’s absolutely worth visiting because hair packs are only L$ 50 which is such a dirt cheap price for hair. And the dress is free at Big Booty Big Money right now, also worth grabbing. And the jewelry by Tekeli-li is really fantastic.. I’ve shown off the weaponry before but I have to say the jewelry is of the same fantastic quality, and the best part, it’s scripted to color change and has a ton of options making it super customizable.

LoTD 8-19

Hair – [Mary by Truth]
Eyes – [Spirit Eyes by Happa]
Skin by me
Necklace – [Dryad by Tekeli-li]
Dress – [Twilit Grotto Dress by BBBM]
Stockings – [Tintable Lycra Tights by G.L.A.M.]
Shoes – [Super Dolly in Metallic Brown Shoe by .:Periquita:.]

2 responses to “LoTD 8-19

  1. You should post that one to Fab Free because they would love that one.. nice dress.. I have a few from BBBM.. but some where incomplete when I opened them, for some odd reason, and they also had some cute poses and animations when they had their free dresses as well..

    Hope all is well.. my son started his first real day of school today.. its been a really long day too! and I’m going to go to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! :D

    opps sorry!

    have a nice day and take care!

  2. I’ve loved everything I’ve purchased at BBBM… I need to take a picture of this one particular dress I really love from there.. even though they no longer sell it.

    Ah.. first days of school… I remember them.. just barely lol. Good luck to you and him! :)

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