Inventory woes

What on Earth possessed me to try and organize my inventory?! *tears hair out*  I thought my inventory was a blackhole of horribleness in WoW where I routinely am forced to purge stuff because I’m out of bag space…. that is NOTHING compared to having what amounts to an unlimited bank in SL…. which means I have every landmark, notecard, bald base, what’s it, and freebie I’ve ever managed to come in contact with.  My inventory is like playing Katamari… I just steam roll and collect.  And let’s not even get into the horror that is my textures folder.  It’s amazing I find anything in that mess.



**Edit** I always find it amusing how I’ll write some terrible emo post and then after thinking about it for a little bit I realize how crazy I sound so I have to go back and edit. :P That said, I’m still mildly annoyed by the reaction of a very few select people who waxed on about how I sucked, how my skins suck, how my subscriber sucks, how my store sucks… etc. Besides hurting my feelings at the time, I wonder what they hoped to accomplish by such a a verbal attack. Ah well, the overwhelming majority of reactions were positive so the good far and away outweighed the bad. So all that said, be nice! Niceness will get you so much more than nastiness. :)

Le sigh

Ugh. Just ugh. My neighbors want to offer up a land swap (?!?!) because they’ve basically bought everyone around me out and honestly, it feels a wee bit like strong arming due to the fact that they’ve pretty much blocked me in with huge buildings. Blech. While I wouldn’t mind moving somewhere with more space because I’m just about primed to max, I just wasn’t ready to make a move yet. I’ll have to see what the hubby has to say on the topic but I’m thinking of keeping it for the time being, perhaps shopping around for a new spot and making the move over gradually as to not lose customers and what not. But I think I will stop thinking about it and go play World of Warcraft, where I don’t have to deal with this kind of stuff. >.< Bad guys, I sees them, I kills them.


I love what Windlight does for the landscape…. but I abhor what it does to my avatar’s face. >.< I have to admit I’m feeling frustrated with it right now. My super pale goth skin that I typically favor looks blown out and hideous in just about all settings where the sky looks great. Another problem with a very pale skin tone is that you tend to take on the color of whatever setting you choose. I also have a weirder tiny lip shape I like to wear as well but omg, I can’t even describe the horrendousness that the shadows cast have on me. Forget a face light, I’m a enormous glowing orb with even the most pale face light. But without one, I’m bordering Homer Simpson. And back on lips, if I decide to use a skin sans lipstick, I look terrible. Is it obvious that I’ve spent the last hour trying to take some screenshots but that I ended up scraping them all because they sucked? Either my avatar needs a serious tan, a lip job and basically a Barbie makeover.. or I need to spend more time trying to create a decent sky setting that flatters me. *le sigh* All that means work. :P

Edit:  Well, after a bit of playing, I found if I keep the ambient settings kinda on the low side it keeps my avatar from taking too many shadows.  It’s a start I suppose.


Wow… it’s amazing how one minute you have pretty untouched land all around you.. and the next minute you have a dude selling children’s shapes and skins next door. >.< I had decided to buy a little parcel to put up my OnRez vendor for those who don’t like buying online… and everything was great for a whole 2 minutes. Their build wasn’t terrible and they had a little garden.. but I couldn’t help feeling like folks would associate my little spot with theirs and be weirded out. So I sold it off this morning and took a little loss for it but I was happy to unload it so quickly. I literally was in the process of turning the “For Sale” sign around when it was sold. I found a new spot a bit later and went ahead and purchased it.. though it remains to be seen what will pop up overnight. I’ve come to terms with mainland being full weirdness.. but I really didn’t want to take the risk that my little skin vendor would be associated with little boy love in the next parcel. Hopefully the burning trash pile and dilapidated mobile home next to my new parcel decide to stick around for a while. At least they add some ambiance to the area. I’m already rather attached to seeing the flickering flames in the trash heap.. almost brings a tear to the eye. Or is that the smell of burning garbage?