I love what Windlight does for the landscape…. but I abhor what it does to my avatar’s face. >.< I have to admit I’m feeling frustrated with it right now. My super pale goth skin that I typically favor looks blown out and hideous in just about all settings where the sky looks great. Another problem with a very pale skin tone is that you tend to take on the color of whatever setting you choose. I also have a weirder tiny lip shape I like to wear as well but omg, I can’t even describe the horrendousness that the shadows cast have on me. Forget a face light, I’m a enormous glowing orb with even the most pale face light. But without one, I’m bordering Homer Simpson. And back on lips, if I decide to use a skin sans lipstick, I look terrible. Is it obvious that I’ve spent the last hour trying to take some screenshots but that I ended up scraping them all because they sucked? Either my avatar needs a serious tan, a lip job and basically a Barbie makeover.. or I need to spend more time trying to create a decent sky setting that flatters me. *le sigh* All that means work. :P

Edit:  Well, after a bit of playing, I found if I keep the ambient settings kinda on the low side it keeps my avatar from taking too many shadows.  It’s a start I suppose.

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