I saw these boots from Bukka on Sai Pennell’s Blog and had to have them. They are so freaking cute! I love how realistic these look… they remind me of my favorite pair of Doc Marten hiking boots I had in college. (You know, all that hiking from the dorm across the street to class requires a good pair of hiking boots.) The legwarmers are also changeable with a blue menu which really gives them lots of options. I splurged and bought them in all 3 colors since I see myself wearing these almost all the time. I have a tendency to latch on a pair of shoes and just wear the heck out of them.

In other news, I continued to play around with the sky settings and well, I still think I look too ashen.. and it’s a little dark. But it’s a start. At least I don’t look like Homer Simpson. Oh and I was bored.. so I got a little over crazy with the photoshop editing. Kinda looks terrible now but I’m too lazy to fix it. :P

3-27 Blog 1

3-27 Blog 2

Hair – [Cotton Candy by Tekuteku]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Eyelashes – [Prim Lashes by Deviant Kitties]
Skin – [Unreleased skin by me]
Skirt, Sweater, Top & Gloves – [Iris Outfit by Dutch Touch]
Leggings -[Skully Leggings by me]
Straps – [Leather Body Straps by Atomic Kitty]
Bracelets – [!KK! Black Beads by Kalico Kreations]
Piercing – [Mouth rings & spikes by Deviant Kitties]
Boots – [Old Short Boots by Bukka]
Kitty Tail & Ears – [Atomic Neko Tail & Ears by Atomic Kitty]

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