Inventory woes

What on Earth possessed me to try and organize my inventory?! *tears hair out*  I thought my inventory was a blackhole of horribleness in WoW where I routinely am forced to purge stuff because I’m out of bag space…. that is NOTHING compared to having what amounts to an unlimited bank in SL…. which means I have every landmark, notecard, bald base, what’s it, and freebie I’ve ever managed to come in contact with.  My inventory is like playing Katamari… I just steam roll and collect.  And let’s not even get into the horror that is my textures folder.  It’s amazing I find anything in that mess.


5 responses to “Inventory woes

  1. ah but we have the luxury of “key words” and things we use to spark our collective memories of what we collected.. since I have been making stuff.. and collecting textures.. this last week my inventory went up another 2000- I took a pause looking for things and building but its still quite reasonable at 24 000!!! :P

  2. AlterEgoTrip – I’m down to a reasonable 27k after the mass purging of over 5k worth of landmarks and notecards. I tried to promise myself that anything new I got I would immediately delete or put the landmark elsewhere… but that was all the planning I could come up with.

    Eloh – I have a folder called “Sort these now! wtf. srsly, made of fail” but I don’t like it’s demanding tone of voice so it gets ignored. >.<

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