**Edit** I always find it amusing how I’ll write some terrible emo post and then after thinking about it for a little bit I realize how crazy I sound so I have to go back and edit. :P That said, I’m still mildly annoyed by the reaction of a very few select people who waxed on about how I sucked, how my skins suck, how my subscriber sucks, how my store sucks… etc. Besides hurting my feelings at the time, I wonder what they hoped to accomplish by such a a verbal attack. Ah well, the overwhelming majority of reactions were positive so the good far and away outweighed the bad. So all that said, be nice! Niceness will get you so much more than nastiness. :)

4 responses to “*Sigh*

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  2. I can’t see how anyone can insult your creativity and your ablity to be comercial all at the same time… I think you cover allot of ground with your creations. And you also help newbies out by creating a free or one linden variety of your skin which is just as high quality as the stuff everyone pays for.

    I admire that so much I often want to go and friend you inworld and pick your brain for how you went about doing it. I am really sad to know that you have been insulted by a small group of ungreatful people who just were not covered by your extensive spectrum. All I know is that I see {frick} as having such potential all over SL that maybe they saw you as a threat.

    But then you know I’m a happy fan :D and I want to make cool stuff too!!!!

    Be well and happy and its ok to go “emo” once in a while ;)

    *hands Fricka a gun*

  3. Awwww!!! You are such a sweetie!! *hugs* Thank you so much for all your kind words, I really appreciate it!! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know how much you like the skins, it’s really huge for me. ^^;

  4. When I got that remixed skin.. and looked at it the only thought that went through my mind was.. “I am not worthy..” Thanks for your appreciation!

    Its just that I see the “awesome” in your creations..and I’m ready to be stunned by the next creations you make.. when you get around to it.

    I understand RL can kill one’s SL life at times, but we always come back :D!

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