Something Different

I haven’t really felt like doing any skins lately.. not sure why but I was lacking inspiration. But today I fired up Photoshop and did something a little bit different. I did this skin using Szemra Svarog’s templates instead of the Eloh Eliot templates I’ve used on my previous skins. I hadn’t really worked too much with Szemra’s templates because they aren’t really on layers and my Photoshop skills are pretty novice so I didn’t think I could do much to customize the original ones.. but I gave it a shot anyways and here is the result. I have to say, I’m pretty in love with the body. I just made a few little tweaks but I’m really looking forward to testing more with this template. A huge thank you to Szemra for providing such a wonderful learning tool. If it wasn’t for amazingly talented and awesome people like her and Eloh I certainly would never have begun to attempt my hand at Photoshop. :D

And yus, I lurve these cloven hooves from Lazy Places, they are the awesome!

Something different

Hair by Truth
Lashes by Cake
Eyes by AET
Ears by Illusions
Piercings by Electro Kitty
Necklace by Killashandra Falta
Bracers by SiniStyle
Bikini by Pixel Dolls
Cloven Hooves by Lazy Places

LoTD 10-14

I’m doing a fashiony post just because. I thought I’d try a more mainstream look for a change of pace. It was a bit of challenge to myself to prove that a super pale goth skin and white hair can look chic. Maybe it’s really more my idea of chic but whatever. I am really sad that Truth no longer offers hair in white/silver. Truth hair is some of my favorite hair in SL and this really bums me out. The closest color is Ivory and I pretty much hate it. It’s too yellow, too platinum blonde. Bleh. And it really just doesn’t look good against my skintone. At least I stocked up before they were all re-textured. :( On an unrelated note, I did a fresh install of SL and that fixed all of my glow problems!! Yay! The backdrop I’m using in this picture has glow and shine on it and no weird ghosts! :D Hooray!

LoTD 10-17

Hair – [Elise by Truth]
Eyes – [Stone Merged Blue by AET]
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Lashes – [Bedroom Lashes by Cake]
Choker – [Lolly Choker by Curious Kitties]
Top – [Evelyn Square Cut Blouse by {Gisaci}]
Belt – [Dark Brown Belt by Maitreya]
Cuffs – [Wrist Straps by Draven Langset] Free!
Pants – [Mocca Wide Pants by MNK]
Shoes – [Fringe Sandal by Shiny Things]
Pose by Long Awkward Pose

LoTD 8-16

LoTD 8-16

Hair – [Gypsy by Truth]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Eyelashes – [Prim Lashes by Deviant Kitties]
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Skin by me
Necklace – [Erzulie by Tekeli-li]
Crappy Red Shirt by me
Shirt – [Striped undershirt from Fiep set by Dutch Touch]
Gloves and Bracelets – [!KK! Black Beads by Kalico Kreations]
Skirt – [Plaid Bondage Mini by WRONG]
Leggings by me
Boots – [AM LONG Bb Boots Black by Zero Number]

LoTD 8-1

I have another blog… it’s RL related and I usually do a band of the day that I’m into. So I decided to do a look of the day here for a brief change of pace… though, come to think of it, aren’t most of my blog posts really LoTDs? :P Btw, Truth is having a super awesome sale. I bought lots of hair. See mah new hair in the picture?

And just in case you were wondering, my band of the day is Wintersleep. :D

LoTD 8-1

Hair – [Chrissy 2 by Truth]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Skin by Me
Glasses – [Browline Glasses by Gritty Kitty]
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Necklace – [Lovely Sorrow Necklace by Curious Kitties]
Shirt – [the Grandpa Polo by Pushbutton Industries]
Cuff – [Urban Armlet by A&U Creations]
Belt – [Many Belts by Curious Kitties]
Shorts -[Predator Cargo Shorts by GearShift]
Stockings by Me
Boots – [CSR Boots from Zero Number] (last year’s CSR gift)
Neko Tail – [Atomic Neko Tail by Atomic Kitty]
Neko Ears – [Twitchy Kitty Ears by >(O.o)<]
Poses by Long Long Awkward Pose]


I tried to resist the temptation to buy a gift card at Truth’s 50% off sale… tried and failed. :P It really is too good a deal to pass up and I like that I can come back when I have more time to shop! Yay! I went back about an hour ago and it’s still going on so go check it out! I went with a comfy combo of some freebies and stuff today to go with the cutesy Sally hair from Truth. The hoodie, necklace & earrings, and sweater were all free. The sweater was a freebie from Random’s Subscribe-O-Matic so I’m not sure if it’s still there or not, but certainly doesn’t hurt to look because oh my goodness, they had a TON of goodies available for free including tons of hair, skins and awesome clothes! I need to remind myself to get a shot of the cute tunic I bought the other day from there because I love it. I’m devolving into rambles now.. I think I’m coming down with the flu so I’ll blame it on that. Onto the pictures!

6-7 Blog 3

6-7 Blog 2

6-7 Blog 1

Hair – [Sally by Truth]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Skin – [Goth Jane by {Frick}]
Piercing – [Mouth rings & spikes by Deviant Kitties]
Necklace & Earrings – [Onigiri Necklace & Earrings by Onigiri]
Hoodie – [None of the Above Hoodie by Pushbutton Industries]
Sweater – [Pointelle Ombre Sweater by Random]
Gloves & Bracelets – [Black Beads & Gloves by Kalico Kreations]
Belt – [Hana belt by =*UnTone*=]
Pants – [Mocca Wide Pants by MNK]
Shoes – [Chucks by Akeyo]
Pose – [Takin’ it Easy by Long Awkward Pose] & [Britney2 by Vain]