Something Different

I haven’t really felt like doing any skins lately.. not sure why but I was lacking inspiration. But today I fired up Photoshop and did something a little bit different. I did this skin using Szemra Svarog’s templates instead of the Eloh Eliot templates I’ve used on my previous skins. I hadn’t really worked too much with Szemra’s templates because they aren’t really on layers and my Photoshop skills are pretty novice so I didn’t think I could do much to customize the original ones.. but I gave it a shot anyways and here is the result. I have to say, I’m pretty in love with the body. I just made a few little tweaks but I’m really looking forward to testing more with this template. A huge thank you to Szemra for providing such a wonderful learning tool. If it wasn’t for amazingly talented and awesome people like her and Eloh I certainly would never have begun to attempt my hand at Photoshop. :D

And yus, I lurve these cloven hooves from Lazy Places, they are the awesome!

Something different

Hair by Truth
Lashes by Cake
Eyes by AET
Ears by Illusions
Piercings by Electro Kitty
Necklace by Killashandra Falta
Bracers by SiniStyle
Bikini by Pixel Dolls
Cloven Hooves by Lazy Places

Atomic Kitty Sale

I’m still on a break from SL but, as always, a good sale has the power to suck me back in. Atomic Kitty is having a 50% sale on all gift cards and it’s not to be missed. They have some of the cutest Neko tails and ears in SL. So here’s my Atomic Kitty inspired look of the day. Also, if you haven’t already checked out AET‘s eyes, you really, really should. They are little works of art. :D

LoTD 11-18

LoTD 11-18

Hair – [Envy by rQ]
Eyes – [Viol Large from the Fine Contrast Colourz by AET]
Skin by me
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Bracers – [Symbiote Cuffs by SiniStyle]
Dress – [Satin Dreams by Atomic Kitty]
Kitty Ears – [Pierced Feline Ears by Atomic Kitty]
Kitty Tail – [Bow Tail by Atomic Kitty]
Leggings – [Colorable Stripe Legwarmers by Curious Kitties] (tinted)
Legwarmers – [Eskimo Leg Warmers by Deviant Kitties] (tinted)
Shoes – [Resident Boots by Deviant Kitties]