Atomic Kitty Sale

I’m still on a break from SL but, as always, a good sale has the power to suck me back in. Atomic Kitty is having a 50% sale on all gift cards and it’s not to be missed. They have some of the cutest Neko tails and ears in SL. So here’s my Atomic Kitty inspired look of the day. Also, if you haven’t already checked out AET‘s eyes, you really, really should. They are little works of art. :D

LoTD 11-18

LoTD 11-18

Hair – [Envy by rQ]
Eyes – [Viol Large from the Fine Contrast Colourz by AET]
Skin by me
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Bracers – [Symbiote Cuffs by SiniStyle]
Dress – [Satin Dreams by Atomic Kitty]
Kitty Ears – [Pierced Feline Ears by Atomic Kitty]
Kitty Tail – [Bow Tail by Atomic Kitty]
Leggings – [Colorable Stripe Legwarmers by Curious Kitties] (tinted)
Legwarmers – [Eskimo Leg Warmers by Deviant Kitties] (tinted)
Shoes – [Resident Boots by Deviant Kitties]

3 responses to “Atomic Kitty Sale

  1. You are in a purple mood! I see the legwarmers and I think about the ones I got in a hunt at Miu (is that the place??) It turned out that what had once been a shop on a dock.. in open space is now a huge shop on a huge sim, the owner obviously has about 5000 or more prims to use as she pleases too…

    Well I found these legwarmers/socks and I was thinking about that pair of trousers that you made.. with the leg attatchments.. I think you could do your own legwarmers/fancy socks.. because I really liked the trousers you made, but how often have you seen my avatar wear trousers??? especially stright legs! You designed them well too.. but I was thinking that a few wooly textures and some socks and some attachments.. you can do that!! since the trousers you did were like that..:)

    I love the purple thing too!!!

  2. I am in a purple mood! :D

    I’m kinda wanting to get back into attempting clothing again.. I’ve got a few ideas kicking around that I might try out, hopefully they’ll translate well to Blender and Photoshop lol. I have trouble bringing sculpties into SL sometimes so I’ll probably have to spend some time over on the test grid to figure it out. If I wasn’t so impatient I’d look up a tutorial lol.

  3. yeah for me I am amazed how anyone can work with the sculpties.. its obviously not my cup of tea! I too usually hang about at the test grid just seeing what how I can push things and where to take them..

    Yay purple!

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