Crystalsong Forest

I’ve been playing the new Wrath of the Lich King expansion since I picked my Collector’s Edition (squeee!!) up on Thursday and it’s amazing. Absolutely awesome. It’s no secret I <3 WoW but I’m just floored at how beautifully rendered it is. The zones are quite large and the way they look adds to this massive feeling you get riding through them. Sure, I’m still only level 70 while there are already a few level 80s running around on my server.. but I’m taking my time to explore and just really immerse myself into the game. There’s a decidedly darker feeling in this expansion pack as you make your way through the start areas.. sure there are the usual silly things but I like this slightly less fantasy take on the game.  I actually was really taken aback at how emotional I felt doing some of the quests in the Howling Fjord.  So far my favorite zone is definitely Crystalsong Forest.  It is just stunning and the music is so beautiful.  I could spend all day sitting at Windrunner’s Overlook staring into the forest.  It’s geeky, but I really felt calm and serene here…. even though I was chased by every mob in the general area lol.  :P

Crystalsong Forest 1

Crystalsong Forest 2

Crystalsong Forest 3

Crystalsong Forest 4

Crystalsong Forest 5

Crystalsong Forest 6

This one I filtered.
Crystalsong Forest 2 - filtered

I want these trees in SL.

3 responses to “Crystalsong Forest

  1. We finally got a mage on our server that was able to port people to Dalaran. He offered ports for two gold each and had a small raid force going that I joined. All of us were completely geeked out at being able to get into Dalaran – we were literally bouncing around with excitement.

    I’m taking my time to level up too. I’m still trying to help my friends with their mid-60’s pally and mage, and now I have my boyfriend’s 60 DK and another friend’s 43 lock that I want to get caught up. So it’s going to be a long time before my poor main sees 80. I did train her Grand Master herbalism and alchemy skills though, so there’s that at least! xD

  2. It was super hard to find a mage to port us up to Dalaran… there seemed to be quite a few that could but they were being stingy. We finally found someone who queued us up for a battleground from Dalaran and that little work around worked like a charm! :D

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