Virginia’s Side

I bought a skybox today. I picked up the most adorable skybox by Amerie’s Naughty at the iTuTu skybox event and I love it. Up until now I’d been using a prefab that I stuck up in the air but I had started to grow a bit tired of it so this was just the change I needed. The only change I made was adding my own backdrop to it. I even got to finally use my tire swing from Catnip!! After I moved my shop skyward that was the end of my cute tree and my swing, but yay for getting to use it again.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the skins I’ll be sending my update group on Friday. I’m going to *try* doing the whole group gift through my subscriber kiosk again. I really, really am nervous about it considering the unholy backlash from last time… but my group hit over 800 members (!!!!) and I really want to send something to them that is special and exclusive and not just something up in the store for everyone. *Fingers crossed* that no one gets upset if they miss out because I’ve resolved myself to only giving it to my group members.. no exceptions this time. We’ll see how long that resolve holds out if I get yelled at again. I’d hand deliver every one but even that won’t solve the problem of people feeling they are owed the gift even if they weren’t in the group just because they heard about it after the fact. >.< No good deed goes unpunished the saying goes and I’m still bummed that I have this feeling of dread over the whole thing.

On another note, I finally caved and got a Pro Flickr account. They finally strong armed me into it. >.< I just hope I can justify it with mass amount of pictures. :D

Virginia 1

Virginia 2

Hair by Maitreya (freebie)
Eyelashes by Cake
Eyes by Glanz
Tops by Dutch Touch
Jeans by Gear Shift
Belt by Maitreya (group gift)
Shoes by Akeyo
Skin by me
Skybox by Amerie’s Naughty

7 responses to “Virginia’s Side

  1. um yeah.. the downside.. the feeling of dread even though you have a number of people who will always not like a single thing you do.. but think of the positive.. those you like your stuff love it, and its all out of that sense of fun you have!! Imagine if everyone who had a vitual buisness (or even a “real” shop) could enjoy it as much as well as bring joy? Ah that would be the key- certainly many would be happy and very few would ever feel a need to bitch, well not about cool presents!

    The sneak peek was super cool! I hope I don’t miss anything when I am away at Gotland! (I will bring back inspiration ;))

    Have fun and thanks :)

  2. It still amuses me how the people who were the most upset about missing out on my last gift were the ones who told me how much I sucked.. which really begs the question, why do you even care that you missed the gift? Boggles the mind honestly. I’m just hoping that there’s no confusion about the gift this time around. Most of the issues came from my subscriber system being called a Subscribe-O-Matic which it isn’t so there was confusion about why they couldn’t just snatch up the gift out of the history. I debated whether I was going to send it out this way or just do the freebies in the store but I am determined to actually give my group members something nice that’s just for them and not for everyone. :D Luckily I’ll be out of town after I send the present out so I’ll miss most of the fallout if there is any. ;)

  3. Since I didn’t get back to you.. after the gifts went out I wanted to say thanks.. they were very beautiful skins.. I really loved that one you posted and was wearing too..

    Fun thing about jeans in SL… you can get them with holes.., but you can’t get shoes with holes!!! My Converse (Chucks) have holes in them and the sole is so thin by now you can read brail with your feet when you where them without sock..:P I want some SL shoes with holes!!! We must conspire on that!

  4. So far the response for the skins has been pretty positive. I did have a handful of folks that said they missed it and what not but not nearly the ugly reaction from last time. Phew.

    I’m not 100% sure, but I know that the Urban Bomb Unit’s Pornstars are at the very least scuffed up a bit. And super customizable.. and super pricey. :S Which is kinda what’s keeping me back from grabbing a pair… after what I dropped on the Akeyo versions I’m not sure I need that many pairs of Chucks lol.

  5. have a nice trip :) enjoy yourself.. and about the shoes, I meant learning to make our own ;) that way we will be even happier with the result.. I have a few places now to work on stuff like that, but I should really learn HAIR first ;)

    When I first thought about vitual shoes, new in SL I thought, “why shoes.. we don’t get hurt when we walk”.. but its a vestigal idea, and becomes more of a reflection of who we are and what we like to wear as real human people..a fragment of our self expression of our comfort zone.

    The only thing I was considering dropping any huge sums of Lindens on were scripted tarot cards, and then I would spend at least 720 plus trying to modify them to suit me as I don’t like the Rider deck. (these scripted Decks were over a 1000 already- and very few people buy them because of that)..

    sorry bla bla bla again from me :D
    have fun and thanks again!

  6. I have yet to open up my gifts (been busy in real life :) ) but I appreciate the fact you’re doing stuff for us group members. Keep up the good work, and ignore the whiners, they’re just whining cause they’re jealous.

  7. AlterEgoTrip – Lol, I have to say I’m a wee bit on the lazy side so I tend to shop for it before making it. I went several places looking for a good labyrinth to do my Wits or a Dagger shoot and didn’t find anything that suited me so I finally gave in and built it myself.. which was a feat since my building skills are subpar and well, it certainly was tailor made and pretty satisfying to fix up. :D

    Calinacase – Awww, thank you!! I hope you enjoy the gift! ^^

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