No One Saves The Day

Staying away from Second Life has been far harder than I had anticipated… I really can’t shirk some IMs and things, which is proving to be costly because every time I log in I decide I need new hair from Deviant Kitties. >.<  I really don’t have much to say today… it was a pretty quiet day all together.  Once again, I took a song literally and then went off on a wild tangent.  It’s my new favorite thing to do.

“He sent you to the East and he
Kept me West
I’ve got a compass and
You’ve got a compass
To see with”

Bones 6

Bones 5

Bones 3

Bones 4

Bones 2

Bones 1

Dress – [Demure by PixelDolls]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Hair – [Symon by Deviant Kitties]
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Locket – [Locket by Atomic Kitty] Hunt gift
Cuff – [Urban Armlet by A&U Creations]
Skin by me
Taken at Templum Ex Obscurum  & Straylight

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