I’ve gone crazy in a maze…

Sometimes the weirdest things give me inspiration. I had to deal with a bi… er… let’s just call her a less than savory individual yesterday and it really got my blood boiling. But I’ll spare you the diatribe related to this particular conversation. The weird part came from the fact that I’d put on Wolf Parade’s “Wits or a Dagger” to listen to (on repeat) right before this happened and because the conversation went ON AND FREAKING ON, I wasn’t able to get over to stop the song from repeating itself over and over so the whole while I was reading this individual’s “issues” I kept hearing the same song. I took the song quite literally after a while. I couldn’t find a labyrinth that I liked so I made one. And, as per usual, picture intensive… and looks better large.

“Oh, I know now I should’ve had my wits or a dagger”
Wits or a Dagger 1

Wits or a Dagger 7

Wits or a Dagger 2

Wits or a Dagger 3

Wits or a Dagger 5

Wits or a Dagger 4

Wits or a Dagger 9

Wits or a Dagger 8

Hair – [Goddess by ETD]
Eyes – [Spirit Eyes in Fire by Happa]
Skin by Me
Eyelashes – [Prim Lashes by Deviant Kitties]
Piercing – [The Line by Deviant Kitties] Modified
Faun Legs & Horns – [Female Faun AV by Titania’s Court]
Full Outfit – [Arachne by BareRose]
[Circle Prop Poses by Long Awkward Pose]
[Britney2 by Vain]
[Takin’ it Easy by Long Awkward Pose]

And I <3 BareRose.

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