Spaced Out

I’m finally back from being out of town for a while.  It was nice to get out but unfortunately I’m back with the worst flu I’ve had in ages so I’m super spaced out on Nyquil and lack of sleep.  And I don’t really have a reason for this post except that I really like this new piercing from AVZ and the eyes from House of Ruin and the hair from Magika and the horns from Illusions.  And with that I’m going to attempt to go to sleep again. 

New Piercing

Hair by Magika
Eyes by House of Ruin
Piercing by AVZ
Horns by Illusions

Something Different

I haven’t really felt like doing any skins lately.. not sure why but I was lacking inspiration. But today I fired up Photoshop and did something a little bit different. I did this skin using Szemra Svarog’s templates instead of the Eloh Eliot templates I’ve used on my previous skins. I hadn’t really worked too much with Szemra’s templates because they aren’t really on layers and my Photoshop skills are pretty novice so I didn’t think I could do much to customize the original ones.. but I gave it a shot anyways and here is the result. I have to say, I’m pretty in love with the body. I just made a few little tweaks but I’m really looking forward to testing more with this template. A huge thank you to Szemra for providing such a wonderful learning tool. If it wasn’t for amazingly talented and awesome people like her and Eloh I certainly would never have begun to attempt my hand at Photoshop. :D

And yus, I lurve these cloven hooves from Lazy Places, they are the awesome!

Something different

Hair by Truth
Lashes by Cake
Eyes by AET
Ears by Illusions
Piercings by Electro Kitty
Necklace by Killashandra Falta
Bracers by SiniStyle
Bikini by Pixel Dolls
Cloven Hooves by Lazy Places


I decided to be a Druid today…. mostly inspired by the AWESOME new horns Siyu Suen of Illusions released the other day. I had a hard time deciding which ones to pick up and I’m sure I’ll be back again. I have a thing for horns and I’ve usually paired them up with kind of a darker look but today I decided to go for a more woodland inspired thing. But I am terrible at writing sometimes so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. At the bottom of the post I have a better picture of the horns and all the options they come with! :D

Druid 1

Druid 2

Druid 3

Druid 4

Illusions Baal Horns

Hair – [Kathleen by Refuge]
Skin – [Call it Ritual Goth by {Frick}] (top 4 pics only)
Horns – [Baal Horns by Illusions]
Eyes – [Summer Woods by Miriel]
Eyes – [Film Noir by AET] (bottom pic)
Lashes – [Bedroom Lashes by Cake]
Piercing – [The Line by Deviant Kitties] Modified
Necklace & Bracelets – [Dryad by Tekeli-li]
Dress – [Romany Kiss by Evie’s Closet]
Hooves – [Female Faun AV by Titania’s Court]
Poses by Long Awkward Pose]
Taken at Straylight

Mini Challenge Monday

I’ve been in a serious funk lately… so Alicia’s Mini Blogging Challenge was just the thing to make me bust out the pretties and go take some pictures. :D

Here’s the challenge for Monday:
** Second Life is a huge place, but we all have our favorite place where we seem to visit often just to look it, to hang out, to take friends, or just be alone and think. Where is your place, how did you find it, and what keeps you going back? Go there and take a picture! And no, it cannot be your own home! Ok ok, it can be your home. LOL **

My all time favorite place to go in SL is La Reve. Whenever I want to just bask in fantasy that’s where I head. The colors are gorgeous and it’s just a serene beautiful spot to be in. Even when there are a few people there, I can always find a little solitary spot to spend some time. And it’s one of those places I can go to be a Drow priestess or warrior, a playful sprite, a mischievous Unseelie fae, a Draenei mage or an Elven princess like I was today and each one fits just fine into the landscape. It’s just one of those places that I just love going and taking pictures. I can’t remember where I first heard about La Reve but I want to say it was Natalia Zelmanov’s blog… but wherever I heard it from, I’m glad I did because I adore the sim.

La Reve 1

La Reve 2

Hair by Deviant Kitties
Eyes by Miriel
Piercings by ElectroKitty
Skin by me
Dress by Evie’s Closet
Ears and Jewelry by Illusions

Pirates! Arrr!

Yearggghhhh! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day so I had to dress up even though I feel like blech and have had probably the roughest week ever. Woe be me. But avast me hearteys and batten down the hatches and make the scalliwags walk the plank.. here’s to talking like a pirate. I be going to get me some grog now. Arrr!

My pirate name is:
Bloody Grace Read

Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it’s the open sea. For others (the masochists), it’s the food. For you, it’s definitely the fighting. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the sterotypes. You’ve got taste and education. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from

Pirate 1

Pirate 2

Pirate 3

Pirate 4

Pirate 5

Pirate 6

Hat – [Bard’s Hat by Illusions]
Hair – [Chrissy 2 by Truth]
Eyes – [Diamond by Miriel]
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Skin by me
Outfit – [Pink Mist by BareRose]
Leggings by me
Shoes – [Ruffle Boots by Shiny Things]
Sword – [Griffon’s Claw by Tekeli-li]
Various Poses from Imperial Elegance and Long Awkward Pose
Pics taken at The Pirate’s Cove in Lioba

Hal*Hina Freebie

Ok, so self-imposed exiles rarely seem to work for me… especially when there are awesome freebies to be had! I popped back into SL to grab this adorable little set which was a generous group gift from Hal*Hina. I thought I’d go hang out at Tempura Island to take a few screenies because It’s so peaceful and lovely… at least it was until some dood decided to land in front of me and leer. >.< Gah. I bolted immediately so I only managed these two shots. But if you haven’t been to Tempura Island, it’s really a must visit, it’s stunning. I’ll also take a moment to plug the super awesome site Beanie Loves Japan which is where I found out about this freebie! Ok, back to my regularly scheduled exile. :P

7-7 Blog 1

7-7 Blog 2

Dress – [Tunic Dress – Doll by Hal*Hina] (Group Gift)
Hair – [Momo by Aoharu]
Necklace – [*~*Lataine Necklace by Illusions]
Boots – [Asuka Boots by Lassitude & Ennui]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Skin – [Pink Fantasy Skin by {Frick}]
Lashes – [Flutter Lashes by Cake]
Ears – [Mystic Ear: Elfin/Drow by Illusions]
Lip Ring – [Star Lip Ring by Curious Kitties]
Pose in first shot – [Fame 1 by Imperial Elegance]
Shots taken at Tempura Island


Second Life affords me the ability to play dress up on a really grand scale. If nothing else, this has by far been the reason why I keep coming back. The ability to morph my avatar into just about anything is very tantalizing.

I started the look with the skin which I basically did just as a way to use some awesome crack brushes I found on Deviant Art… I’ll hunt down a link and try to throw it in later. My husband always tries to throw suggestions at me for things to do and he had said something about Salem Witch Trials. Well, that seemed like it wouldn’t exactly translate to a skin so I went with an “After” theme which can really be translated however you like. I started out with the Minerva Witch’s Hat from Illusions.. another stunning piece of work from Siyu Suen and the catalyst for the whole outfit. I probably spent hours scouring the grid to find an outfit that gave off the air I wanted it to when I went back to BareRose for the umpteenth time and saw this outfit named “Stheno” and knew that was the one. Throw on some accessories and here you are.

The first picture is probably my favorite shot ever. I did minimal processing to it because it just came out really neat straight up from the game. And yeah, I got a pretty big kick out of using two “Cute” poses for this set. ^.~ As always, click the pictures to get to my Flickr page where you can view them larger where they look much better. :D

“It’s cold
It’s dark
It’s not for people with uneasy hearts”


After 2

After 3

After 5

After 6

After 4

Hat – [Minerva Witch’s Hat by Illusions]
Hair – [Sally by Truth]
Lashes – [Vamp Lashes by Cake]
Skin & Eyes by Me
Choker & Earrings – [ToRiCo by Kiki’s Closet]
Nails – [Nails & Melee Claws by Gianetti]
Outfit (Dress, Straps, Stockings) – [Stheno Set by BareRose]
Shoes – [Succubus Pumps by ::69::]
Pose – [Fantasy-Puppet from Faery Goodness Set by Long Awkward Pose]
Pose – [Kyoot AO from :ANA_Mations:]
Pose – [Cute 1 from Cute Modeling Poses by Imperial Elegance]
Pose – [Ground Sit 11 from GroundSit Modeling Poses by Imperial Elegance]


Drowiness.. not to be confused with drowsiness.. which I am suffering from right now. I found out just how difficult it is to capture a Drow with Windlight. Most settings were way way too dark and you could barely see her.. throw a face lamp on and ugh, washed out and fake. It was hard finding a middle ground while snapping these shots and since they still looked like crap I Photoshopped the heck out of them and now they are passable. I’m not usually a silks kinda person but I wanted a kinda skimpy something for my Drow to wear that wasn’t a bikini or typical lingerie and silks kinda tread the fantasy line just enough to be usable outside of fetish wear. At any rate, the Drows have arrived and I worked on snapping the ad pics tonight so hopefully I can get those squared away to release soon.. not too soon though as I’ll have to do a major rearrange of my shop to fit them in.. so much so that I may have to close for a day or two to get them into action. Anyways, onto the pics before I fall asleep… and no slurls ’cause I already logged out.. maybe tomorrow.

oOOOooh! I must squeal uncontrollably at the lovely jewelry from Illusions. Siyu Suen released a set of jewelry to go along with the Elven ears and OMG, they are just stunning. I’m only wearing the necklace in most of the pics, but I splurged for the fat pack and hope to work the other pieces into my looks on a regular basis. The pieces are truly works of art. ^^

Drowiness 1

Drowiness 2

Drowiness 5

Drowiness 4

Drowiness 3

Ears & Jewelry by Illusions
Silks by Analise
Hair by ETD
Eyes by Pixel Dolls
Shoes by Shiny Things
Skin by {Frick} – will be released soon


OMG, the new ears from Illusions. They are beyond awesome. Seriously, I haven’t stopped turning my computer screen over to my husband and going, “OMG, aren’t these the most awesome ears you’ve ever seen???!!?” He agreed the first 10 times and now just ignores me. :P I saw Siyu’s post recently about releasing new ears and awaited them with bated breath. And let me tell you, these lived up to my every expectation and then some. The piercings are gorgeous, the ears are beautifully constructed and the options are glorious. I love all the jewelry color options as well as all the skin tones!! Siyu Suen is truly a genius artist. I look at these ears as pieces of art and they are just a pleasure to wear and look at. Straight out of the box, no custom texture, these ears almost perfectly match the Drow skin I had been working on recently. I had to take her out for a spin to show them off so we went to La Reve. I’m still trying not to pull my hair out when working with Windlight. It’s a love/hate relationship for me. I did end up turning off atmospheric shaders to take a few non-Windlight photos to really show off the ears. On to the pics. If you click them it will take you to my Flickr page where you can view them larger.

4-10 Blog (Ears from Illusions)

4-10 Blog Zomg, Ears from Illusions!

4-10 Blog 4

4-10 blog 2

4-10 Blog 1

4-10 Blog 3

Hair – [Airy by ETD]
Skin – [Unreleased Drow Skin by {Frick}]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Eyelashes – [Prim Lashes by Deviant Kitties]
Piercing – [The Line by Deviant Kitties]
Full Outfit – [Scout Lady by BareRose]
Shoes – [Old Boots by Shiny Things]
Ears – [Mystic Ear: Elfin/Drow by Illusions]
Various Poses by [::ANA_Mations::] & [Cova AO]
Shots taken at Lash’s La Reve


I had been wanting to do a picture spread that was pure fantasy and inspired by my love of World of Warcraft and I finally did it. This is my Second Life version of a Draenei. This post is going to be picture intensive and they’ll be the wee sized ones so if you want to see the full sized ones, click on them and they’ll go straight to my flickr page where you can see them larger. The latest Sunwell Patch just went live so I’ll probably be spending most of my time playing WoW but I can’t stay away from SL for very long.. especially with the goodness that is Windlight.

Blue Fantasy 3

Blue Fantasy 7

Blue Fantasy 5

Blue Fantasy 6

Blue Fantasy 4

Blue Fantasy 2

Blue Fantasy 1

Hair – [Goddess by ETD]
Eyes & Skin – [Blue Fantasy Skin by {Frick}]
Eyelashes – [Prim Lashes by Deviant Kitties]
Full Outfit – [Lady Tuberose by BareRose]
Horns – [Glare Horns by Illusions]
Faun Legs – [Female Faun AV by Titania’s Court]
Staff – [Rustic Winged Battle Skythe by OMFG]
Various Poses by [::ANA_Mations::] & [Cova AO]
Star Poofer by [Tomo’s Party Particle Shop]
Shots taken at Lash’s La Reve
Windlight settings are by Torley Linden (Gimler Gronchi for Sky & Waterslide for Water)