Spaced Out

I’m finally back from being out of town for a while.  It was nice to get out but unfortunately I’m back with the worst flu I’ve had in ages so I’m super spaced out on Nyquil and lack of sleep.  And I don’t really have a reason for this post except that I really like this new piercing from AVZ and the eyes from House of Ruin and the hair from Magika and the horns from Illusions.  And with that I’m going to attempt to go to sleep again. 

New Piercing

Hair by Magika
Eyes by House of Ruin
Piercing by AVZ
Horns by Illusions

3 responses to “Spaced Out

  1. argh.. the flu.. you got it too?! I had it twice.. but what was weird is that many others were also in places like Austraila and Singapore and India and Turkey with it about two weeks ago..

    My husband’s office came down with it.. its everywhere.. take it easy and rest..*sends virtual hot tea*

    BTW that skin is really cool, I love the match up with those eyes! And the piercing is great too.. you just do that.. you put things together so well!

  2. I think my flu is being further irritated by my horrendous hay fever I’ve been having for the last few weeks.. it’s a really craptastic mix of nasty. Luckily my husband got over his little bout pretty quickly but I have a feeling mine is going to drag for a while before I start feeling better. Upside is that I can really catch up on my sleep! :)

    I’m trying to decide what I want to do with my next round of skins… and a smokey eye was one of the things I wanted to try because I only really have one smokey eye in my line up. Still undecided on it though.

  3. The skin is brilliant- people have given me great feedback on it where I have gone, and I haven’t even been many places.. Just Second Sweden and then I was accidently teleported to Linden Land and someone had to say that it looked really great.. HONESTLY woman, you have got some tallent!

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