Posemaker Challenge – Long Awkward Pose

I couldn’t take  Achariya’s Posemaker Challenge and not mention Long Awkward Pose.  Besides having a totally awesome name, the poses are just totally rad.  Dove Swanson really rocks pose making.  One of my favorite things about LAP is how Dove includes two priorities in her packs to accomodate throwing them into an AO or snapshot taking which is a really nice touch.  I’ve actually built my current AO out of a combo of LAP poses so having the lower priority thrown in is very much appreciated.  And of course the poses.. from fairy to red carpet, there is so much awesome to choose from.  I decided to spotlight some poses from one LAP’s more current sets, Tongue in Cheeky.. which might very well be one of my new favorite sets. ^^

Long Awkward Poses

Poses [Tongue in Cheeky by Long Awkward Pose]
Hair – [Janine by ETD]
Eyes – [Sandalwood large EYeZ by AET]
Lashes – [Bedroom Lashes by Cake]
Ears – [Mystic Ears by Illusions]
Gloves –  [Handwarmers by UnTone Quilt]
Skirt – [Dramatic Skirt by DP]
Socks – [Socks Mit Suspenders by Pig]
Boots – [Wo Boots Gomi by Zero Number]

Are you sick of seeing that tank top yet? :P

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