Dressed up Feet

I have a terrible cough, and because of this cough I have stayed up way too late and because of staying up too late, I caved.  I caved to the shoe/feet combo from SLink.  And you know what?  I like them, quite a bit actually.  They were super easy to tint and that was really important to me since I usually run around in a less than normal skin tone.  I pretty much love everything about these shoes, they are super well made and not freakish at all and the little HUD gives you a ton of options for nail colors and all that sort of thing as well as keeping your ankle from “breaking” in poses which is a nice touch.  My only complaint is that the shading stayed a weird orangey color even after I tinted it to my goth skin tone so it made my ankles look a little dirty.  It’s really only noticeable up close but I’d like to see the shading be more neutral so it could be tinted along with the rest of the foot.  The coloring looks fine when tinted to a more normal peach/tan color but it’s midly annoying in super pale colors.  (I also wish the strap lining and soles were tintable or at least offered in solid black but now I’m being picky)   Overall though, two big toes up, they are very cute and the price didn’t bankrupt me!


Also awesome and worth staying up late for, Katat0nik has a freebie at the Pyschotic Neko Easter Egg hunt that shouldn’t be missed!  And unlike a lot of other hunts out there, this one is really easy to find. :D

Katat0nik Dress

Dress by Katat0nik (Freebie from Pyschotic Neko Hunt)
Shoes by SLink
Hair by Deviant Kitties
Eyes by Starfuker
Piercing by AVZ
Horns by Illusions

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