Random Rants and Such

So I thought I’d sit down and give clothing another spin in Photoshop today. No matter how often I try it, I still hate it. I should upgrade to CS4 because I’ve been hearing that you can paint directly onto the 3D avatar mesh. If it indeed does that, holy crap, that would be awesome.. matching up seams from head to torso and torso to lower would be so much easier. At least in theory.. I’m sure it’s far more complicated than I think. Maybe I’ll download the trial first. At any rate, here’s the shirt I came up with today.  It’s terribly basic but at least the seams matched up.


I have to admit, my interest in SL has been waning as of late so I’m trying to come up with things to draw me back in.. like torturing myself to make clothes. My little shop is just becoming fail city.. I really don’t sell enough stuff to have to deal with the sheer volume of asshole that keeps coming my way. I think if I even turned a profit I’d be a lot more willing to work with people but holy crap, I can’t even give stuff away these days and yet people still complain! Argh. So that’s really wearing thin on my patience and it’s pretty much ruining my good time whenever I log in. That’s the main reason behind my infrequent SL appearances. Given the option of what to play in my free time, I’d rather fire up WoW and shoot someone in the face than have to kiss some jerk’s ass so they don’t go off on me.

And I’ve got glow ghost issues… again. *sigh*

On the upside, I found a really good sushi place nearby!



I’ve had a rough past few weeks.  Between some sad RL issues and some WoW drama I’m just mentally wiped out.  There’s so much I’ve been meaning to get done in SL but I’ve just been consumed lately.  I finally had a few minutes to log in and actually change my avatar’s clothes!  And since I’m in a fairly angry kind of mood, I think my look kinda reflected that.   Hopefully once the drama sorts itself out I’ll be back to blogging and what not.  Until then, I’m still around.. just kinda tired and bitchy so beware. :D

LoTD 2/1 

Hair – [Scene Queen by Deviant Kitties] (tinted)
Eyes & skin by me
Lashes – [Bedroom Lashes by Cake]
Piercings –  [Face Piercing by ElectroKitty]
Choker – [Laced Love by Paradisis]
Outfit – [De/konstrukt by MekaNoiZe Labs]
Belt – [Saddlebags by AVZ]
Nails – [Nails and Melee Claws by Gianetti]
Bracers – [Symbiote Cuffs by SiniStyle]
Leggings – [Colorable Stripe Legwarmers by Curious Kitties]
Boots – [Wrapped Boots by AVZ]

Ode to a dead Paladin

I’m mourning the loss of my Retribution Paladin to the the mighty Blizzard nerf bat. /cry I haven’t really loved the Paladin class much at all in the past but I resolved to get her to 70 and it was an uphill battle the whole way. I was Ret for a good bit of the time I was leveling before speccing Protection which made me a decent tank in a pinch. I actually like Pally tanks quite a bit as a healer because I can bubble them. But because my other toons received far more love from me my Pally has never had the best gear so I typically would tank with my Druid. Anyways, long story short, I was just pwning face with my Paladin after I specced Ret again and it was so fun to actually do some serious DPS, even if I was only in a smattering of blues mixed with a few welfare epics. So I am in a deep melancholy over these nerfs. I knew they were coming, but omfg, the nerf to Divine Storm, give me a break!! This is going to make leveling to 80 an absolute pain. I am a sad panda today.

So as a farewell to my dead Paladin.. I made my version of a Paladin in SL. Just in an effort to keep this QQ post somewhat SL related.. and it gave me an excuse to wear this badass outfit from BareRose and awesome horns from Illusions. Yeah, I know, I don’t look like any Paladin in WoW but this is what I wish my Paladin looked like. :P I hope the outfit from BareRose comes out in more colors, it just might be my favorite outfit from there. Oh, I also want to mention the sword, it’s from Tekeli-li which, imho, makes the absolute best weaponry in SL. They are unscripted but I’m not doing epic battle so that’s fine by me. And the prices are absolutely insanely low, especially for the incredible detail, color change options and beauty that you receive. I should also mention that their customer service is top notch. I recently purchased a halbard from OnRez and Tekelili sent me a message letting me know the items were for sale in the shop and promptly refunded me the difference! That is just too cool and so above and beyond the call of duty. :D

Pally 1

Paladin 2

Paladin 3

Hair – [Ember by Deviant Kitties]
Horns – [Cernwn Horns by Illusions]
Full Outfit – [Golden Thorn by BareRose]
Sword – [Bloodlight Twohander by Tekeli-li]
Hooves – [Female Faun AV by Titania’s Court]
Poses – [Katana Poses by Imperial Elegance]

!@#$% Glow

Ok, after a little playing around I’m certain that the weird ghosts and other issues are all caused by glow. Here are some of the annoying (albeit, kinda cool) things showing up in my snapshots.  Screenshots, not surprisingly, are not showing any of these issues but I didn’t think they would.

This hair has glow enabled so that’s what is causing the ghosts here.  As you can see, I am a sad panda because this is effing up all my snapshots!!! >.<
sl glow wtf 4

Where’d my body go??! Prim (colored white) behind me has glow on.
sl glow wtf 3

Another weird picture in front of the glow prim.
sl glow wtf 2

Standing in front of and on top of prims with glow on.
sl glow wtf


I’ve been bleh lately. Kinda uninspired, bored, and just meh for no good reason really. On another topic, nearly all my snapshots lately are being effed up by that glow ghost blur thing so I haven’t really felt like having to photoshop the living daylights out of every snap. Anyways, this picture turned out pretty okay.. though now I’m annoyed by the hair/hand business but I didn’t notice it until I uploaded it to Flickr and now I’m too lazy to go back and fix it. Maybe I’ll vector it later on, that might look cool. Well I’m rambling now.. bye!


graze wtf

Hair – [Sioux by Refuge]
Horns – [Horns from Female Faun AV by Titania’s Court]
Eyes – [Alien Blood Eyes from Alien series colourZ by AET]
Piercing – [The Line by Deviant Kitties]
Lashes – [Bedroom Lashes by Cake]
Cuffs – [Wrist Straps by Draven Langset] Free!
Dress – [Pumpkin Dress by Katat0nik] (group gift)
Socks – [Toeless Slouch Socks by Maitreya] (group gift)
Shoes/Hooves – [Hya Boots Cloven by Lazy Places]


I like memes. I don’t know why, I just do. Here’s a collection of a few from this week:

SL Inventory
– Yes, it only looks neat on the outside. I’m really fanatic about the outside of stuff looking neat but I don’t care too much what the inner stuff looks like.
– Open your SL inventory.
– Don’t clean up anything!
– Take a screenshot of your inventory and upload to Flickr.
– Post the instructions with your picture.
my inventory

Desktop – I do keep my desktop fairly neat… I don’t like a bunch of icons cluttering up my wallpaper. It’s a picture of the Club Congress that I took a few months ago.
– Minimize all the windows.
– Don’t clean up anything!
– Take a screenshot of your desktop and upload to Flickr.
– Post the instructions with your picture.
Desktop meme

Name 3 of your SL pet peeves. They don’t have to make sense and they can be totally crazy, but just name 3 things that bug you and discuss!

1. Ban lines just in general are made of fail. They are an eyesore and they leak through my walls even though they are up next door.. why can’t they just be invisible walls? And also, why don’t they extend all the way up? I’d very much like to keep people from just letting themselves into my skybox. Sure, I realize they can cam in but I’d far prefer them to peep from somewhere else than actually show up in my house. Actually it would be awesome if they could keep people from camming in too! A girl can dream can’t she?

2. People who complain about freebies. Honestly, if it’s not your thing, fine, don’t take it and stfu. I still remember being in a store where the owner had just set out a freebie and people were bitching about it in general chat while she was standing right there! So effing rude. And it was fine quality but it was one of those things that not everyone would be into. Ugh. Is it so hard to just not pick up a freebie if you don’t like it and leave?

3. The camera. My struggle with the horrendous camera are well documented and even though I’m better at using it, I still HATE, HATE, HATE the camera. Hate.

And I’m going to add a 4th because it’s something that just recently starting bugging me… for some reason on this latest viewer there are glow “ghosts” showing up in my snapshots. Like I’ll be near a tree that has glow on it and there will be this weird light thing that will cover my face or something in the snapshot. Very weird and annoying and it’s ruining the majority of my snapshots so I have to stick with screenshots to make sure I don’t get that which is also a pain.