NC/M/T Rant

Oops, I think I deleted this post from earlier. No idea how that happened.

First off I’ll say I do love the mini dress outfit from Ce Cubic Effect.. I’m only wearing the top bit in the pictures in the post below but the whole little mini dress thing is super cute. And I also purchased this item with the full knowledge that the perms were NC/M/T, basically No Copy. That being said… I hate no copy items that have a lot of primmy/sculptie bits that are hard to fit. Luckily the stuff fit fairly well straight out of the box so I didn’t need to edit it much. I didn’t edit the arm bit for Ruth below and you can tell it’s just not fitting right, but I didn’t want to fuss with it in the off chance I screwed it up royally. But I really mod a lot of the stuff I use depending on the pose I’m using at the time and I just don’t trust my editing skills all that much. You should see some of the monstrosities I’ve made with hair that I’ve modified. And that’s why I love mod/copy. Maybe it’s because I don’t often buy things for others so I never look for the trans perm on anything. So yeah, moral of the rant, I pretty much avoid No Copy items like the plague. I’ve often passed up really nice stuff because it’s No Copy. I just couldn’t resist the pull of this dress though. But I did cringe a little bit when I bought it.

4 responses to “NC/M/T Rant

  1. I know its a pain to “fix” things.. but have you got your camera constraints set to off from the advanced menu? I swear it works so much much much better.. and then also take of all camera restrictions as well.. I think the advanced menu is Ctrl + Alt + D if I’m not mistaken.. (funny thing about that- I have switched it so many times with having 2 computers and then uploading the Mono (Test Grid) and the Release Candidate version I had the test grid on this computer yesterday and noticed that my I didn’t have the advanced menue on.. and I recall not consiously “knowing” the buttons to push to get it.. and then I just touched it.. by physical memory.. and there it was.

    Thats the kind of thing that happens when you’ve had some brain damage from being sick with menigitis :(

  2. My problem with the camera stems from me wanting it to be like the camera in World of Warcraft and it fails so miserably compared to that camera sadly. The only thing I like about the SL camera is the fact that it is unconstrained so I can zoom really far away which is neat.. otherwise, blech. And my mouse is a bit to blame for some of my prim editing debacles. There have been occasions that the camera just zips around and all of the sudden I’ve made the prim huge. >.< I’m usually cool with editing prims, I edit the crap out of hair because I don’t like it when it is swallowed by my avatars shoulders or looks like it’s growing out of her bewbs. But that’s on copy stuff… I just am worried that on a no copy thing that I’m going to screw it up forever which is sad considering the cost on some items.

  3. I know that some days the camera just doesn’t work well.. but I have heard of different compatable things you can add to SL, such as joysticks and such.. Today I had a curser mouse problem myself.. I just washed my hands and my mouse pad went nuts, I couldn’t do anything couldn’t take back my messy photo box and lamps off of the land and my curser was zooming around like it was on drugs or something..

    I got used to this mouse pad though.. before it was a pain, but I trained myself with playing one of those games that really goes much better with a joystick.. what was it??? That game where you are the shaman and you have to control your people and make them attack the other people’s shaman and group.. burn down their houses and fight… aaaaaaaah I should start playing that again, it helps my mind like a game of chess only a little more brutal and complex and with lightning bolts and earthquakes and stuff.

    With some games you can’t move well unless you actually train your mouse (or whatever you have) I had a mouse pad and never used one before, so I guess I’m not spoiled by stuff that actually works good :D

    Some days though, SL can be pretty crap with the camera so I have to log off and come back and usually it is fixed for me…and its better to have a huge prim rather than acciently deleting them!! Opps!

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