I decided to take on the Ruth challenge today. I actually just used the stuff I was already dressed up in and then tried on skins until I decided on one that suited her pretty well. My only complaint about good ol’ Ruth is that she has huge man hands. I ended up taking off the hand attachments for the top I was wearing because of a mini rant about No Copy items in another post. I think Ruth turned out pretty smokin’ if you ask me. She just needed a little love and accessories. :D And I think everything suited her quite well, especially the hair.

On to the pictures!



Hair – [Dare by [RQ]]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Skin – [Neko – Goth – Tart Makeup by {Frick}]
Glasses – [Browline Glasses by Gritty Kitty]
Top – [Wrap Tank Mini Dress by Ce Cubic Effect]
Belt – [Hana belt by =*UnTone*=]
Pants – [Mocca Wide Pants by MNK]
Shoes – [Chunky Ribbon Boots by Shiny Things]
Pose – [Circle Prop Pose by Long Awkward Pose]

7 responses to “Ruthed

  1. That was a nice take on Ruth.. you made her more personal.. As I see.. the hands and the feet are bigger, but for me.. IRL I think about people who get upset about that stuff, that stuff we can’t fix.. this is why I found it interesting with Ruth, how we take something, we are constrained to and make the best of it.

    Naturally we allow ourselves the luxury of fixing the feet to 0, but what bothers me about doing that is, when I started out my first AV shape, I formed it to an ideal, and larger feet were a factor– with thick legs (well RUTH does not have THAT problem!) the small feet look, well proportionally wrong, but to get shoes that fit.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh you only get 0, maybe some sneakers which come in different sizes if you are lucky.

    I wonder if MEN feel comfortable adjusting their AV’s feet to 0?

    With the male shoes as they are, they really don’t have to, I noticed… Ruth made it clear about one thing in an ideal of what is female, large hands and feet seem to be a problem.

    But you know, I hardly felt that the larger hands were really noticed.. some did and some did not.

    I got this Anime girl shape from Kowloon sim, for free and her shape is challange to even Ruth’s and yet, I love it.. large hands, mega eyebrows- yet sweet expressive face..a couple I knew almost adopted me with that one- said if I didn’t want a pony, I could be their kid, LOL.

    I like the shape challanges.. yours is really you, and really different, it really stands out I think you should post it to the New Ruth Group… I love the idea and would love to see more like yours. :D

  2. I think Ruth’s proportions are completely natural imo and far preferable to some of the wacky fashionista shapes I’ve seen out there… but everyone has their own ideal of beauty. I’m fairly sure I had my hands set to the default size until I bought some prim claws that required me to have a specific hand size to fit. If it hadn’t been for the prim bits and subsequently the side by side photos, I don’t think I would have noticed the hand thing.. but the prim bits put it into glaring light. I still think they are a little disproportionate to her arm size. I would have made those prim pieces work if they hadn’t been No Copy. >.< I didn’t have to make her feet go all the way to 0 to fit these particular boots because they are chunky so that was nice. I know on my husband’s avatar he’s never had to tweak his foot size.. of the two pairs of shoes he has, one is scripted to resize and the other fits the default size. And I think the foot size thing only becomes an issue when it comes to prim shoes.. otherwise the feet look relatively proportional when they are bare I think.

  3. oh man, scripted shoes??? cool!! and I know what you mean about those shapes.. there are some very unnatural ones learking about in the guise of “fasionable”.. but if you thought of them as really human.. eh, some of even less human semblance than a barbie doll..

    How many prims were those claw attachements you speak of? I know a friend of mine resized his head because an elaborately designed helmet he got as a prize just didn’t fit.. and then it was about 200, maybe 300 prims!!! Him and another friend tried frantically to fix the stretching he’d already like some hair.. sometimes you just can’t get it to fit (especially daring to do it NO COPY). I think that helmet was modify, no copy, no transfer I recall.

    With proportions, I know I did something right, (or was it wrong?) early on with my AV and that was.. I have a problem in real life with some boots, although I really love boots.. often I will try a pair of boots.. and can’t zip them over my thick calves and ankles.. and noticed my AV has the same problem but this is also with prim boots, now I could just fix that, but I tried to use my AV, not just as for fun, but rather a learning experience of what works and what doesn’t and stuff I shouldn’t give a crap about.. what I notice is that there have been many fashion tricks IRL I can use from SL, and I kind of understand more and more what works best for my type.. but in doing that, I have learned a few tricks about what works for OTHER types, and the odd thing is, I’d never call myself fashion interested, just aware and senstive to it, and I like what I like.. kind of artsy, unique, expressive stuff.. thats why I always keep watching what you are up to :)

  4. Scripted shoes are the awesome. The Akeyo chucks I wear almost all the time are scripted to resize and almost every bit on the shoe is scripted to change color which is just awesome, makes it like buying a super ultimate fat pack in one pair of shoes and justified the price of L$ 600 for me… those are easily the most pricey pair of shoes I’ve ever bought and have been the most worn ones as well.

  5. This was an amazing ruth makeover!
    I played around with the challenge briefly, of course I didn’t come up with anything nearly this gorgeous. The one thing I did have trouble with was her eyes. I think the glasses really worked in this case. Well done

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