I like memes. I don’t know why, I just do. Here’s a collection of a few from this week:

SL Inventory
– Yes, it only looks neat on the outside. I’m really fanatic about the outside of stuff looking neat but I don’t care too much what the inner stuff looks like.
– Open your SL inventory.
– Don’t clean up anything!
– Take a screenshot of your inventory and upload to Flickr.
– Post the instructions with your picture.
my inventory

Desktop – I do keep my desktop fairly neat… I don’t like a bunch of icons cluttering up my wallpaper. It’s a picture of the Club Congress that I took a few months ago.
– Minimize all the windows.
– Don’t clean up anything!
– Take a screenshot of your desktop and upload to Flickr.
– Post the instructions with your picture.
Desktop meme

Name 3 of your SL pet peeves. They don’t have to make sense and they can be totally crazy, but just name 3 things that bug you and discuss!

1. Ban lines just in general are made of fail. They are an eyesore and they leak through my walls even though they are up next door.. why can’t they just be invisible walls? And also, why don’t they extend all the way up? I’d very much like to keep people from just letting themselves into my skybox. Sure, I realize they can cam in but I’d far prefer them to peep from somewhere else than actually show up in my house. Actually it would be awesome if they could keep people from camming in too! A girl can dream can’t she?

2. People who complain about freebies. Honestly, if it’s not your thing, fine, don’t take it and stfu. I still remember being in a store where the owner had just set out a freebie and people were bitching about it in general chat while she was standing right there! So effing rude. And it was fine quality but it was one of those things that not everyone would be into. Ugh. Is it so hard to just not pick up a freebie if you don’t like it and leave?

3. The camera. My struggle with the horrendous camera are well documented and even though I’m better at using it, I still HATE, HATE, HATE the camera. Hate.

And I’m going to add a 4th because it’s something that just recently starting bugging me… for some reason on this latest viewer there are glow “ghosts” showing up in my snapshots. Like I’ll be near a tree that has glow on it and there will be this weird light thing that will cover my face or something in the snapshot. Very weird and annoying and it’s ruining the majority of my snapshots so I have to stick with screenshots to make sure I don’t get that which is also a pain.

3 responses to “Meme

  1. I have the same two pet peeves.. REALLY but confronting people about banlines is what I do best.. it seems to really have paid off for me, as I had gotten a building job last June due to it.. it seems the owner didn’t like banlines and thanked me for pointing out his properties had them!

    Got to confront people when you can.. and that rudeness about freebies.. YEAH.. I’m there with you! I don’t know, its like fast food for some people.. its got to be there, what they want the way they want it because its all on “their” computer the experience is happening..

    but the real reason I came by was I saw THIS on Freestyle!!

    I can’t help but feel good when I see them blogging your stuff! You’re not my kid or my sister or something but even if not a close friend a kindred spirit.. and for some reason I enjoy seeing any success you have!

  2. I’m non-confrontational to a fault.. as long as whoever is annoying isn’t in my face. I know I tend to come off as very shy and meek but I sometimes am pushed to be quite vicious on occasions. Luckily I’ve managed to reign myself in whenever something sets me off in SL. It’s easier to just turn the game off than mess with stuff sometimes. :)

    Yay! I’m always shocked whenever I see my things blogged because I’ve done nearly zero direct advertising of my stuff.. I wonder where people actually hear about me. But it’s such a guilty pleasure whenever I see a blog featuring my stuff, it’s so much fun! :D

  3. I don’t like to make a habit of confrontation.. but I don’t shy away from it just because if I keep it in, that energy gets quite vicious.. and I am not that kind of person (and I suspect that you are not either) I confront to make certain that there isn’t anything I can conciously effect any father without harmful situations arising.. passiveness has proven quite the opposite for me.. I live this way.. no space left within passiveness… that means I let allot of people just walk all over me I guess.. take for example my mother in law!

    I love seeing your stuff blogged because your stuff is cool.. I like to see what people are going to do with it and they tend to do allot of great stuff! Nice to see your stuff as a part of it. :D

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