Blaaarrrgghhh… Every time I finally sit myself down and say, ok, today, no excuses, do some stuff!! And then SL decides… meh. >.<

wtf >.<

2 responses to “Eff

  1. If something didn’t happen all the time I tried to program my AO, I would have had one very complex one, months ago.. seriously.. but the last time it wasn’t SL’s fault, but the batteries ran out on my keyboard, right in the middle of typing in my animations card.. and then when I went back.. it was gone!!! I either forgot to save it or never gave it a proper name.. and its lost, in time and space.. much like your cloths.. OOPS.. SL, baaaaaaaaaaaaadddd SL!!!

  2. Sometimes I think SL is out to get me… I swear this textures loading crap happens every time I set my mind to taking my ad pictures finally. I think that’s why I drag my feet on doing it so much because it’s such a chore when it’s literally a 5 minute wait between items for me to take a screenshot… and then half the time, it blurs as soon as I do. Rawr! >.<

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