!@#$% Glow

Ok, after a little playing around I’m certain that the weird ghosts and other issues are all caused by glow. Here are some of the annoying (albeit, kinda cool) things showing up in my snapshots.  Screenshots, not surprisingly, are not showing any of these issues but I didn’t think they would.

This hair has glow enabled so that’s what is causing the ghosts here.  As you can see, I am a sad panda because this is effing up all my snapshots!!! >.<
sl glow wtf 4

Where’d my body go??! Prim (colored white) behind me has glow on.
sl glow wtf 3

Another weird picture in front of the glow prim.
sl glow wtf 2

Standing in front of and on top of prims with glow on.
sl glow wtf