Black Dra Goth by Mamesando

In the Swords v2 post I did a bit back I used the White Dra Goth outfit from Mamesando that I picked up from the Winter Creator’s Stamp Rally. Well I couldn’t resist grabbing the Black Dra Goth version that Mamesando was offering up as a gift for the Summer CSR. The entire outfit from the hair, skin, shape, eyes, etc are all included and I used it all. This version comes with a really amazing scripted sword with fantastic animations. Obviously pictures can’t do it justice so I attempted a little video to show it off. I’ve never used Sony Vegas before to edit a video so you’ll have to excuse the cheesetasticness and icky quality of it. I still am not sure how to save it as an .avi file without the size being too large for Flickr to allow so I had to save it as a .wmv which made it kinda choppy. But all that said, yay for Fraps finally working again for me! No more 4 FPS nonsense, woot!

*Edit, 25th time is the charm, I think I figured out how to embed, yay!*

Entire Avatar, Outfit & AO – [Black Dra Goth by Mamesando] Creator’s Stamp Rally Gift
Music – Fatal Chain from Soul Calibur III

Swords Part 2

Both sets of sword pictures were inspired by the game Soul Calibur.. specifically, the last set was inspired by Xianghua and this set by Amy. My takes weren’t very literal because it’s hard finding similar outfits in SL so I made my own customized fighting game character in the same general vein of my inspiration pics. This outfit was Mamesando’s gift from last year’s Creator’s Stamp Rally so I’m not sure if it’s even available anymore, but they will be offering it in black for the Summer CSR! This event is so much fun, I highly recommend it if you’ve got Lindens to burn because the gifts available are really awesome.

Super photo intensive… per usual. :D

Amy 01

Amy 02

Amy 03

Amy 04

Amy 05

Amy 06

Amy 07

Amy 08

Amy 09

Hair – [Elsie Twintail by Elsie] tinted
Roses – [Hair Rose by SiniStyle]
Eyes – [Spirit Eyes in Fire by Happa]
Skin by Me
Complete Outfit – [White Dra Goth by Mamesando] was a CSR gift from last year
Sword – [Griffon’s Claw by Tekeli-li]
Poses – [Katana Poses by Imperial Elegance] (pic 1-7 & 9) & [Ground Sit Pose by Imperial Elegance] (pic 8)