Swords Part 2

Both sets of sword pictures were inspired by the game Soul Calibur.. specifically, the last set was inspired by Xianghua and this set by Amy. My takes weren’t very literal because it’s hard finding similar outfits in SL so I made my own customized fighting game character in the same general vein of my inspiration pics. This outfit was Mamesando’s gift from last year’s Creator’s Stamp Rally so I’m not sure if it’s even available anymore, but they will be offering it in black for the Summer CSR! This event is so much fun, I highly recommend it if you’ve got Lindens to burn because the gifts available are really awesome.

Super photo intensive… per usual. :D

Amy 01

Amy 02

Amy 03

Amy 04

Amy 05

Amy 06

Amy 07

Amy 08

Amy 09

Hair – [Elsie Twintail by Elsie] tinted
Roses – [Hair Rose by SiniStyle]
Eyes – [Spirit Eyes in Fire by Happa]
Skin by Me
Complete Outfit – [White Dra Goth by Mamesando] was a CSR gift from last year
Sword – [Griffon’s Claw by Tekeli-li]
Poses – [Katana Poses by Imperial Elegance] (pic 1-7 & 9) & [Ground Sit Pose by Imperial Elegance] (pic 8)

3 responses to “Swords Part 2

  1. I just paused last night to watch some national geographic about these weapons..its kind of interesting to see how they look in slow motion and the paths they take in the context of battle.

    I’m for some reason a bow person, its silent and hidden, and you don’t have to run around ;).. I was using my bow last night on an evil demo leach plant which was helpless under the bolts of distance attack, but it was pretty boring to win all the time.

    Nice set, nice poses!

  2. I actually lean bow myself.. I almost always roll a hunter/archer/ranger whenever I’m playing a new game because I like the ranged aspect and they tend to have better survivability than a caster.

    I was so psyched that Sai made these poses, they are so much fun! I’m always drawn to poses that are different than your usual fashion modelesque ones. :D

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